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Recommended by 5 easy-to-use Singapore VPS rental service providers

With the rise of e-commerce business in Southeast Asia, our demand for local IP and computer rooms in Southeast Asian countries is also increasing. For example, we often have the demand for computer rooms in the Philippines, India, Malaysia, and so on. In fact, we also missed that Singapore VPS computer rooms are also chosen by many people. Because of its national and regional advantages, the stability and bandwidth of the computer rooms are relatively guaranteed, and they are also chosen by the project demand in Southeast Asia. Here, we will sort out some special Singapore VPS lease Service provider.

1. GigsGigsCloud Singapore ECS

 GigsGigsCloud Singapore ECS

GigsGigsCloud merchants also provide a Singapore computer room. If we need a Singapore computer room, we can look at the CLOUDLET SG K+MINI solution, which provides a starting monthly payment package of $5.8, starting with 512MB of memory, 30M of bandwidth, and mainly CN2 optimized lines. In fact, we can see that GigsGigsCloud has consciously cooperated with our domestic users and Southeast Asian overseas trade business demand servers.

Memory CPU Hard disk flow bandwidth Price address
512MB 1 core 15G 400GB 30M $5.8 per month link
1G 2 cores 30G 700GB 50M $9.8/month link
2G 3 cores 60G 1000GB 50M $16.8/month link

The virtual machine in Singapore machine room adopts KVM architecture, supports Linux system image, and CN2 optimizes the line.

2. KVMla Singapore ECS

 KVMla Singapore ECS

KVMla, an old domestic cloud service provider, whose boss we like to call President K in the circle, no longer appears in the circle in recent years, but there are still several host brands in operation, KVMla is one of them. In view of the needs of foreign trade business in Southeast Asia, we will need to choose ECS VPS hosts in Southeast Asia. KVMLA vendors also provide Singapore computer rooms, starting with 100M bandwidth and 2GB memory. And use the discount code as low as 50% discount.

Memory CPU Hard disk flow Price purchase
2G 2 cores 40G 600G/month 75 yuan/month link
4G 3 cores 50G 800G/month 145 yuan/month link
6G 4-core 80G 1000G/month 260 yuan/month link

3. Megalayer Singapore native IP ECS

 Megalayer Singapore native IP ECS

The native IP address server is required for foreign trade and short video services in Southeast Asia. Here, Megalayer merchants provide Singapore native IP VPS host, default 5M CN2 optimized line, no limit on traffic. If we need a native IP server in Southeast Asia, we can choose it.

core Memory SSD hard disk Number of IP Bandwidth line Price Select Scheme
1 core 1GB 50G SSD 1 5M optimized native IP 79 yuan/month Select Scheme
1 core 1GB 50G SSD 1 5M optimized non native IP 49 yuan/month Select Scheme
1 core 1GB 50G SSD 1 5M international bandwidth 49 yuan/month Select Scheme

4. Warner Cloud Singapore ECS

Warner Cloud Merchants have newly added Singapore cloud server rooms to meet user needs for foreign trade business in Southeast Asia. In recent years, many industries have moved to Southeast Asia, and the demand for foreign trade cloud servers in Southeast Asia is also increasing. We see that domestic and foreign businesses are deploying computer rooms in succession. Warner Cloud Singapore Cloud Server is located in the Singapore SG1 data center, connected to Singapore Telecom SingTel, PCCW, China Telecom CN2, China Unicom, China Mobile and other high-quality lines, two-way CN2 high-quality bandwidth, which is the first choice for enterprises to go to Southeast Asian countries.

CPU Memory Hard disk bandwidth port original price Select Host
1 core 1GB 50GB unlimited 2Mbps 84 yuan/month Select Scheme
2 cores 4GB 50GB unlimited 2Mbps 180 yuan/month Select Scheme
4-core 4GB 50GB unlimited 5Mbps 300 yuan/month Select Scheme
4-core 8GB 50GB unlimited 5Mbps 396 yuan/month Select Scheme

5. RAKSmart cheap special annual payment for Singapore ECS

In recent years, RAKSmart merchants have made great efforts. In the past few years, there were only independent server rooms in San Jose, the United States. Later, they expanded to have VPS hosts, cloud servers, station cluster servers and advanced anti DDoS servers, and we saw that computer rooms also widely include Los Angeles, San Jose, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, etc. RAKSmart merchants have recently launched promotions for ECS. This time, we saw that there are low configuration monthly payment schemes and cloud servers with annual payment as low as $12, which can be selected from computer rooms in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. If we need cheap cloud server products, we can take a look at this activity.

computer room CPU Memory Hard disk bandwidth Price choice
SV one 1GB 40GB 1M Continental Optimization $2.49/month choice
LA one 1GB 40GB 1M Continental Optimization $2.49/month choice
HK one 1GB 40GB 1M boutique network $3.09/month choice
JP one 1GB 40GB 1M Continental Optimization $2.99/month choice
SG one 1GB 40GB 1M Continental Optimization $2.99/month choice

Singapore VPS and ECS are suitable for overseas trade in Southeast Asia. Although some of them have direct connection to CN2, it is recommended that Hong Kong CN2 optimize the route for more stable Chinese business.

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