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Several commonly used American host preference code updates and merchant recommendations

Are we still using American virtual hosting merchants? At present, our domestic webmasters may not use too many virtual hosts, unless some foreign trade website building business will use more. But there are still many users of the virtual host in foreign countries. In fact, when we choose American hosts, we can save operation and maintenance costs compared with cloud servers and VPS hosts at a certain time. As long as we manage the construction and content of the website, we should not worry about the stability of the server. The stability of the virtual host only needs to choose the right host vendor.

In this article, Lao Zuo will sort out several commonly used American hosts and these US host discount code Activities. If we are also choosing American hosts, we can refer to these service providers. These American hosting companies are Laozuo's former users and current ones, each with its own characteristics.


At present, we can see that the international and domestic operations of BLUEHOST virtual host companies are separate. The CN website we see is operated independently of our domestic operations. The company team is in Shanghai. The products are targeted at our domestic users, such as three data centers in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong and India. Generally, we may choose American and European computer rooms for our foreign trade business. If it is in Chinese, we can use Hong Kong computer rooms.

BLUEHOST virtual host includes ordinary traditional virtual host and cloud virtual host. At present, the cloud virtual host only has an American machine room. If we choose an American machine room, we prefer to choose cloud virtual host, but the cloud virtual host only has a Linux system, and the ordinary virtual host also has an optional Windows system. Some friends need Windows system virtual host, but BH merchants still provide it, and others are rare.

BLUEHOST code: BH , 50% discount for virtual hosts.

Second, Eagle host

HawkHost has consciously provided Alipay payment to enter the Chinese market since 2012. Most of the host companies in the same period were closed and acquired one after another, while HawkHost Hawk host companies are still operating slowly. The main characteristic product of their family is virtual host. Later, the price of changing the traditional virtual host to cloud virtual host has not changed. The virtual host provided has two schemes, 10GB storage and unlimited storage, and there is no limit on the number of sites.

The Hawk host company has several data centers. Although there are also computer rooms in Singapore and Hong Kong, they are all non CN2 optimized lines, and the Chinese speed is average. Hawk hosts are mostly for overseas business users.

eagle Host preference code Hawkhost50

The Hawk host also uses the cPanel panel, which does not support Windows.

Third, SiteGround

SiteGround hosts are also relatively old and have a history of more than ten years. They are used more in the foreign trade website building circle, and Lao Zuo seldom contacted them before. Later, I helped several foreign trade website users deploy WordPress several times and saw that they used SiteGround virtual host. It seems that in the foreign trade circle, including some foreign trade website resources we see, SiteGround merchants still appear frequently.

SiteGround discount code: irregular discount.


The activities recommended by SiteGround merchants are irregular and direct official activities, and there is no habit of using discount codes.

Merchants only support credit card payments. Is it more stylish.

In this way, these host companies still have a certain age and brand awareness among American host companies. If we need to choose an American host, we can take a look.

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