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What's the use of American host space? Two cost-effective recommendations for American space

Today, we see many service providers transform from the original virtual space to cloud servers or independent servers. So we saw some friends say that there is no market for American host space, and it is not worth choosing. Is that true? Personally, I don't think so. I think that the virtual space has the maintenance management of the host company and is relatively stable. If we are non-technical personnel, it is difficult to manage ECS and servers, and some projects do not need servers, which will increase the cost than virtual space.

Therefore, when we choose the host for foreign trade business, we suggest that the US host space be selected for basic business. Generally, we choose American hosts to build websites, such as enterprise websites or B2C websites. Therefore, many foreign websites use virtual hosts.

In this article, Lao Zuo recommends two American spaces that are easy to use.

First, SiteGround

Official website


In the early years when we were doing foreign trade websites, we probably paid more attention to virtual hosting businesses such as BH, JH, HM, and so on. We may underestimate SiteGround businesses. In the era when foreign trade websites were rampant, this business was a small team and might not have enough budget publicity. Basically, few of us know about it. In fact, they developed very early. They were established in 2003.

We can see that many excellent host businesses in that era continued to close and merge, while SiteGround businesses are still developing. Lao Zuo saw that many foreign trade blog websites have recommended this business, which belongs to the virtual host used more by foreign trade hosts, and is also one of the hosts recommended by the WordPress official.

Time of establishment: 2003

Minimum price: $6.99/month

Payment method: credit card, PAYPAL

Data center: America, Singapore, London, Australia, Germany, Netherlands

SiteGround has a traditional virtual host and a dedicated WordPress host. It adopts cPanel management and supports 30 day refund guarantee.

Second, SugarHosts

Official website:

SugarHosts, also known as candy hosts, was founded in 2009. The business background was operated by British businesses with Chinese background. In the early years, it has been engaged in virtual hosting and currently provides virtual hosting to support multiple computer rooms in Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, etc. Support Chinese, Alipay, etc., with Chinese team customer service. Of course, there are also cloud server products.

SugarHosts candy host manufacturers use cPanel management, and there are three different packages according to the configuration. We can choose the PRO scheme of the number of stations, traffic, and whether to give independent IP (Shared Pro gives independent IP) according to the needs. If we are beginner users of Chinese websites, Laozuo is absolutely suitable for their Hong Kong virtual host, at least we don't want to bother with server operation.

In conclusion, the above two host companies all provide American virtual space, each with advantages and characteristics. The former can only pay by credit card without Chinese customer service, while the latter has Chinese customer service. Of course, the former has more users and is suitable for more pure overseas business, while the latter is more convenient for communication.

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