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The Vultr ECS link is often broken and the solution

Some netizens reported that when using the VULTR virtual machine server, the problem of disconnection often occurred, including when Lao Zuo remotely linked SSH for the operation and maintenance of the command management server, there were similar problems. For example, the program we ran had not been installed completely, and the problem of disconnection would occur, leading to the program being unable to use and install. The method we will adopt here is the SCREEN tool, so that even if you are disconnected locally, the server is still running.

What causes the server disconnection problem? Whether there are other effective methods.

First, the reason for the broken VULTR link

There are two reasons for server disconnection: one is the problem of our own network. For example, packet loss occurs in the delay between our local network or the server end and our network. If the packet loss is serious when running the program, the problem of disconnection will surely occur. Therefore, when selecting a VULTR server room, we should check whether the delay from the current server room to our side is high or whether packet loss is serious.

At the same time, whether our server has set a defense, such as how often your link will be disconnected. This is also set. For example, if the number of threads between our server security settings and IP access exceeds, the threads will be disconnected. If there are, we should set it loosely.

Second, how to solve the server disconnection problem

If we often have the problem of broken VULTR links, which will indeed affect the effect of our use of the server, we must solve it. The general suggestion of Laozuo here is whether we can optimize the server, such as installing BBR acceleration on the server, so as to improve the patency rate. At the same time, if possible, do we change a server room? Different rooms have different effects. Anyway, there are many VULTR rooms.

At the same time, we should not set too strict thread restrictions when using the server.

In short, these problems can be solved.

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