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The reason of Vultr server being blocked and the solution to Vultr IP port being blocked

At the weekend of the other day, I talked with netizens in the group about the problem that they are easy to block the IP address and port when using the VULTR server. In fact, I really haven't encountered this problem. Theoretically, if we use the standard IP address and port rarely, the IP address and port will be blocked, unless we should have done the wrong project. Of course, there are also accidents. For example, our server may be hacked, resulting in outsourcing, and then the service provider may prohibit blocking the IP or port.

 The reason of Vultr server being blocked and the solution to Vultr IP port being blocked

In this article, Lao Zuo simply shares the reason why the VULTR server was blocked and the solution.

First, the reason for the server being blocked

Generally speaking, there are several channels for our servers to be blocked. One reason is that we may owe fees or the TOS of illegal merchants may cause them to block our servers. Or it is because our server is used to make illegal content and policies, which leads to the above requirement that the service provider block it. It is possible that the server is blocked.

Another problem is that our server may misuse resources, resulting in illegal merchant policies and then be blocked. Others are generally impossible, and our normal projects will not be blocked.

If we encounter this problem, we will check whether the background has exceeded the resource utilization rate and whether we have arrears. If we do some projects in violation of regulations, we can correct them in time to solve the problem of being blocked. Of course, we can delete the server and reopen a new one.

Second, the Vultr IP port is blocked

The server is sealed, including the account mentioned above, or a single IP address or port. If the port is blocked, it may be that our port itself is not allowed. For example, some service providers' 25 mail ports or some specific ports are not open, and we need to apply for a work order to open them. Or if we use the port for illegal content, the merchant will ban the port for us.

Also, when we use the server to build a website, if our website content violates the rules, it may cause the network gateway to block our website port 80 or 443. In fact, the port of the website domain name is blocked, not the server port.

If our VULTR IP or port is blocked, we choose to replace the IP address or server to see if it can solve the problem. Of course, the most fundamental problem is to check whether there is a problem with the project itself. If you have a problem with the project, you will be blocked after changing the IP address or the port.

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