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Linode VPS memory upgrades again, leading the 2G era of VPS host industry

A year ago, also in April( Linode memory free double upgrade disguised half price discount )We have seen that Linode vps started from 512M of basic memory to 1G, and then most businesses in the industry have improved in hardware. Similarly, one year later this year, Lao Zuo saw again that the Linode official website was flattening and updating the UI interface. At the same time, the VPS host scheme also changed a lot.


Look at the above comparison chart of the previous and current schemes sorted by Lao Zuo, and it is clear that the price scheme is the same at a glance. You can choose to pay from $20 per month, or you can choose to pay by hour (it was also possible before, but you need to choose it in the background interface). The memory is upgraded from 1G to 2G. The size of the hard disk 48G remains the same but the SSD hard disk reads faster. The monthly traffic is upgraded from 2T to 3T. The only thing is that the original 8-core CPU is now 2-core (1G scheme).

Linode Every change and upgrade will lead other businesses in the industry to have the same upgrade, which is profitable for users. The simplest thing is that we can build 5 websites to run with 1G of memory for the same amount of money, but now we can upgrade to 2G with the same amount of money, and then we can increase the operation of the site, with a lower average cost.

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