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EdgeNAT Cloud server evaluation of CN2 GIA optimized lines in Los Angeles, USA

EdgeNAT merchants are new cloud server merchants in China. Lao Zuo has also introduced the promotional activities and packages of edgeNAT merchants many times in the past. Among them, their Korean CN2 cloud servers and Hong Kong CN2 cloud servers are more attractive to us, including the CN2 GIA line used in their home computer rooms in Los Angeles. The return CN2 GIA line of China Telecom, China Unicom AS9929 and a small number of 4387, China Mobile AS9929 and CN2, large broadband, excellent access to China. Solid state hard disk RAID5+hot standby.

For most of our netizens, some foreign trade or overseas businesses may need American cloud servers that can choose CN2 GIA lines, but different businesses have different performance. In this article, Lao Zuo is going to evaluate edgeNAT America in detail Los Angeles CN2 GIA The ECS of the line.

We have evaluated other edgeNAT machine rooms before:

1、 EdgeNAT Hong Kong CN2 server speed and performance experience test

2、 EdgeNAT Korean cloud server CN2 line performance experience and scheme evaluation

First, edgeNAT US ECS configuration

edgeNAT The 20M bandwidth of ECS in the United States is initially configured, with unlimited traffic.

Memory CPU Hard disk flow bandwidth Price purchase
1GB 1 core 20GB 500G/month 20M 60 yuan/month choice
2GB 2 cores 40GB 800G/month 30M 80 yuan/month choice
4GB 2 cores 50GB 1000G/month 30M 120 yuan/month choice
4GB 4-core 70GB 1000G/month 30M 140 yuan/month choice
8GB 4-core 100GB 2000G/month 50M 280 yuan/month choice
8GB 8 cores 100GB 2000G/month 50M 320 yuan/month choice

Second, edgeNAT US ECS performance test

 EdgeNAT US ECS performance test

Let's ping test here. The speed is definitely not as fast as that of the Korean or Hong Kong computer rooms. If our business is in Chinese, it is recommended to choose the computer rooms in Shatin, Hong Kong and South Korea.

We can see the random test node CN2.

This is the read-write speed measurement of the CN2 gia line computer room in the United States.

 EdgeNAT Cloud server evaluation of CN2 GIA optimized lines in Los Angeles, USA

Let's test upload and download speed measurement.

In conclusion, here we will simply test the performance of edgeNAT merchant CN2 GIA in Los Angeles, USA.

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