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EdgeNAT Hong Kong CN2 server speed and performance experience test

Lao Zuo also shared the activity information of edgeNAT business during the Spring Festival. This business is a domestic host business. During the Valentine's Day activity, the business launched a buy one get one free activity( EdgeNAT Buy 1 get 1 free on Valentine's Day can choose CN2 VPS host in Hong Kong/Korea/America )。 Here Laozuo has also started testing his home machine. In this article, he will first briefly experience edgeNAT merchants Hong Kong CN2 server Performance and speed.

 EdgeNAT Hong Kong CN2 server speed and performance experience test

At present, edgeNAT merchants have computer rooms in Hong Kong, South Korea and the United States.

First, edgeNAT Hong Kong CN2 server configuration

EdgeNAT merchant's Hong Kong server, the machine room is located in the Shatian machine room, CN2+BGP line, and the access to China is excellent. Solid state hard disk RAID5+hot standby.

Memory CPU Hard disk bandwidth Price purchase
2GB 2 cores 20GB 2M 60 yuan/month choice
8GB 4-core 40GB 4M 150 yuan/month choice
6GB 6 cores 70GB 5M 130 yuan/month choice
16GB 8 cores 100GB 5M 300 yuan/month choice

Second, edgeNAT Hong Kong server evaluation

Here is a Hong Kong server selected by Lao Zuo, ready to experience the performance of merchants in real life.

 EdgeNAT Hong Kong server evaluation

Here, you can ping the speed first. It's a good speed.

Randomly select a telecom node for routing test. It is CN2 line.

 EdgeNAT hard disk read/write test

Here we see the hard disk read/write test of edgeNAT's Hong Kong ECS.

 Download and upload speed of edgeNAT node

You can see the download and upload speed of edgeNAT node.

In this way, edgeNAT merchant Hong Kong CN2 ECS simple evaluation is like this.

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