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Summary of preferential activities of domestic and foreign cloud service merchants in Black Friday 2019

Our webmaster friends, from the Double 11 activities in China to Black Friday, most of them are quite calm about the activities. Because in fact, most of the host companies we have daily contact with, and because the competition of cloud service products with low threshold is already quite fierce, even the activities of the Double 11 and the Black Five will not be discounted too much. At the same time, there are only a few businesses. We will not choose unfamiliar businesses, and over well-known businesses will not have activities.

This is not to set off the activity of Laozuo (Laozuo. ORG) who noted this webmaster. I will still select some merchants I have contacted to share the activity. At the same time, I will make a comprehensive sorting through this article. If we are a little bit interested, we can see whether the merchants are used at ordinary times, and whether the products are needed, in case there may be hoarding.

 Summary of preferential activities of domestic and foreign cloud service merchants in Black Friday 2019

Selection suggestion: when we choose a host or domain name business, we should follow our familiar choices. Even if some are cheap, we are unfamiliar with them. I personally don't like wasting too much time.

First, black five cloud host business activities

Here, Lao Zuo only records some of the cloud hosting business activities I met or used. If we have used it before, it will be no problem. Let's see if it is really cost-effective or has little time difference. If we want to try it for unfamiliar merchants, we suggest that we do not have a long-term payment cycle, but try it for a short time.

1. Tencent cloud activities continue

Tencent Cloud's Double Twelfth Festival has always been longer than its peers, and every time it lasts until the end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but it seems that Tencent Cloud does not have Double Twelfth Festival activities, while Alibaba Cloud should have Double Twelfth Festival activities. At present, Tencent Cloud Double 11 is still a few days away, and Lao Zuo has summarized it into the Black Friday activity.

Tencent Cloud Activity Address Tencent Cloud Double 11 2019 Main Venue Preferential Activity Seckill Activity

The feature of Tencent Cloud activity is still for newly registered individual and enterprise users. The Hong Kong server is 428 yuan in three years, and the minimum mainland server is 88 yuan in three years, including 3M and 5M bandwidth servers. If we need to buy them, we need to find our own way to register to a new account. For example, our WeChat and QQ verification are OK, and I feel it is not too strict.

2. 30% discount for Hawk host virtual host

Hawk host is a relatively old virtual host company, but due to the sluggish website construction in recent years, and the launch of cloud servers, the virtual host is under great pressure. However, there is still a certain market for the Hawk host virtual host. After all, the cost of virtual host operation and maintenance is low, and there is no problem with simple website construction. Lao Zuo, the virtual host of his family, personally feels that it is not suitable for Chinese websites, but for foreign trade websites.

Black Five Activities: In 2019, Hawk hosts will get 50% or 30% discount for black hosts. After 30% discount for virtual hosts, the average annual price will be 75 yuan

It should be stated here that the Hawk host is a virtual host, not a VPS or an ECS server. Netizens should know how to state that it is a virtual host, right? Lao Zuo basically keeps one, because some classmates and friends ask me to help build enterprise websites, and I will throw them in. The average cost is very low, and they don't give me money anyway.

3. HostDare CN2 GIA ECS

HostDare is an overseas individual business. Its boss seems to be an Indian. Anyway, he is quite powerful. In fact, he focuses on our domestic market and caters to our needs in terms of price and lines. The only bad thing is that there has been a shadow before. He unexpectedly shut down the whole server to avoid the so-called blocked IP, so Laozuo doesn't suggest putting the actual production project in their business. It's OK to play with it.

Black Five Activities: HostDare black five discount CN2 GIA/CN2 GT scheme ECS discount as low as 75%

Their activity intensity is not obvious. In fact, there are also some activities at ordinary times. It's just the heat of "Black Five".

4. $50 for new registration of Vultr

It is estimated that there will be no other activities on Vultr Black Friday, because their family usually gives 50 dollars to their newly registered account. Even if there is an activity on Black Friday, it is almost the same. So Lao Zuo will deal with everyone to call this activity Black Friday, because yesterday a netizen mentioned whether there is an activity in this family. You need to recharge your new account by 10 dollars, and then you can send 50 dollars.

Activity address:

The new registered account will be rewarded only after recharging. The validity period is 30 days, and the recharging amount does not count as the validity period. If we have registered multiple accounts, we must be cautious. The theory does not allow us to cancel the account if we are found to be related.

5. BWH Replenishment DC6 Package

This year, BWH hosts stood up during the National Day holiday, and there was no activity during the Black Friday holiday. They still only replenished the DC6 package, but there was an 11% discount code: BWH2019BF

BWH Replenishment Package: Replenishment package DC6 CN2 GIA

This year, it seems that the activities of most host companies and domain name providers are not strong enough. The annual payment after using the discount code for the package is about $44.5, but we should pay attention that any host needs formal use.

Second, Black Five domain name business activities

Black Friday Although Godaddy, the leader of overseas domain name registrars' activities, has not had any activities in recent years, he does not know what the business plans at present, and goes with the tide? Namecheap, the annual Black Five activity, still leads the way this year. But the activity hasn't come out yet. There will be an activity at that time. Lao Zuo will update it for everyone to see.

1. Namecheap domain name activity

Namecheap's activity this year is still the same. It will release domain names and hosts, including SSL certificates, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We will then register and purchase products according to our needs. Most of them buy new domain names and transfer them to NC vendors. SSL certificates are relatively cheap. I personally recommend paying for certificates.

Activity article: NameCheap Black Friday activity - newly registered COM domain name 49 yuan/SSL certificate 20 yuan


Dynadot is one of the domain name registrars that we are familiar with. This Black Friday activity is just so so. I have seen them at home before COM domain name newly registered with a price of 5.99 US dollars, but now Black Five only has to transfer in COM domain name offers a discount of $7.99, and you need to use the discount code: TRANS4NOW. At the same time, there will be free gifts by November 30 BEST is free, and you need to use the discount code BFREEBEST.

3. Godaddy Common Domain Suffix Activity

Official website address:

It's rare that Godaddy has a domain name event on Black Friday this year, but it doesn't COM domain name, only ME domain name INFO、. Other suffixes such as BIZ are uncommon and are not recommended. For example ME domain name 19 years The first year of INFO domain name is 9 yuan.

4、 . COM $6.99

Activity introduction: Black Friday/Cyber Monday domain name discount COM $6.99

This year, merchants also have promotional activities in the Black Five, which were rarely held before. This year's discount is not too low, but somehow there are some, because there are few activities COM domain name is about RMB 49 after discount, but Alipay payment is not supported, and credit card or PAYPAL is required.

5. Namesilo is newly registered COM $6.99

Activity introduction: Namesilo domain name merchant black five new registration COM domain name US $6.99

This year's Namesilo merchant Black Friday also has an activity, which supports Alipay payment. It is similar to other merchants in this year's activity. We can choose a new domain name as needed.

In a word, the above is the arrangement of activities of domestic and foreign cloud service providers that we often use during Black Friday 2019. Lao Zuo can't ensure that the arrangement is complete. I can only ensure that these are what I see in my daily contact. If you meet a better business, you can feed back to me, or share the record on your website with others after your own experience.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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