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What do we need to prepare before Black Friday? (Select what you really need)

I passed the Cainiao Posthouse these two days and saw that all the goods we bought on the Double 11 were taken away, which shows that our purchasing power this year is relatively strong. But this year's Black Friday Do we continue to buy and buy as always? Due to the impact of overseas epidemic, some logistics are really slow or inconvenient, which may affect overseas Taobao users. However, the commodities we basically need at present are also available on domestic and overseas purchase platforms, so there is no major problem in selecting them.

 What do we need to prepare before Black Friday? (Select the required)

However, compared with the overseas purchase market Black Friday It's relatively cheap. Lao Zuo remembered that on Black Friday last year, there were overseas purchasing agents who broadcast the shopping malls live. However, it is estimated that this year will not happen. We are honest and it is good to buy in China. But for our webmaster, some need to purchase cloud service products, which does not affect, after all, it is a virtual product.

Black Friday is still a week away. What do we webmaster need to prepare?

First, domain name transfer and new purchase

Today, the leader informed the colleague in charge of the customer's domain name and host computer to sort out the domain names that need to be renewed. Then the transfer code of the domain name and the overseas domain name merchants waiting to open at that time after unlocking will be transferred and renewed. When the time comes, you can save money to help customers get preferential treatment. Of course, the price charged to customers will still be based on the contract price, but a large number of domain names can reduce the cost of the company.

Lao Zuo also announced yesterday that the NC domain name registrar will also have domain name activities( here )。

Second, preferential new purchase of ECS

If it is our regular overseas cloud server businesses, they may not have much activity, but it is not ruled out that there will also be activities. Because the market of overseas merchants this year is estimated to be bad, we have to support them. So this year, there will be a big discount. Some stores have been selling at low prices, and several stores have been added this year. Then there should be activities for Black Friday.

However, Lao Zuo personally suggested that if we need to choose a server, we should choose a business we are familiar with. Of course, if there is a lower business package, we can also try it.

Third, overseas shopping is optional

There is nothing special about cloud products. For some friends who like overseas shopping, for example, several netizens that Lao Zuo knows like overseas shopping on Amazon and other platforms, they may still choose this year. However, logistics or transshipment needs attention, especially in terms of price. For example, Lao Zuo found that the price of a Kindle that was used for overseas shopping was not cheap. In addition, the transportation and picking up costs were higher than those in China, so sometimes there was no special need, unless the price was really cheap.

In short, Black Friday is coming, and we should also start to prepare. If we have no intention of buying, then we should spend many weekends to choose what we really need.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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