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GigsGigsCloud Double 11 Offer - Hong Kong VDS 2-core 8GB 500GB $29/month

Strictly speaking, it's the Double 11 since the early morning of this evening. Now we see that many domestic hosting companies have released their activities nearly a month in advance in order to grab users. The purpose is obviously to attract users through a tug of war. Some overseas businesses have also joined in the Double 11 activities originally belonging to our domestic users, including the host companies, which we have seen and also participated in our domestic Double 11 activities. What Lao Zuo needs to introduce today is that GigsGigsCloud, a Malaysian host company, has launched the Double 11 promotion activity.

GigsGigsCloud businesses have developed steadily in recent years, providing direct line servers and virtual machine services in Asia such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Although occasionally unstable, they still have certain advantages over the past and similar cost performance. In this Double 11 promotion, we saw a 20% annual discount for the whole audience, including VPS, VDS, and independent servers. In particular, the monthly cost of VDS Hong Kong hosts is $29, which is cost-effective.

First, GigsGigsCloud Part of Double 11 Activity Products

  • Product: VDSHK-CN-E3-01
  • CPU: 2 core
  • Memory: 8G ECC RAM
  • Hard disk: 500G SATA
  • Traffic: 1TB
  • Port: 200Mbit/s
  • Line: direct connection (PCCW/CMI)
  • Number of IPs: 1 independent IP
  • Price: $29/month (purchase)
  • Product: Hong Kong advanced anti DDoS server
  • CPU:E3-1230V2
  • Memory: 32G ECC
  • Hard disk: 500G SATA
  • Flow: unlimited
  • Port: 10Mbps HK-CN2GIA
  • Defense: 10G Hong Kong CN2 defense
  • Number of IPs: 1 independent IP
  • Price: $199/month (purchase)

This time, GIGS merchants can use discount codes as of November 12 during the National Day holiday GGC-2019-11-11-20OFF 20% discount for all products, but annual payment is required. The VDS Hong Kong server has two packages, and the advanced defense server Hong Kong machine room has one package, which provides 10G Hong Kong CN2 defense, 10G Asian defense, and 1TB Global Voxility defense.

Second, GGC merchant server selection

 GGC merchant server selection

Here we can select from the order menu, see the GGC-2019-11-11 classification option, and then see two Hong Kong VDS and one Hong Kong advanced anti DDoS server.

 GigsGigsCloud Double 11 Offer - Hong Kong VDS 2-core 8GB 500GB $29/month

Here we can see that even the VDS or the server, even the VPS, can use a 20% discount code as long as it is paid annually, and it is a circular discount.

In a word, for VDS or advanced anti DDoS servers, ordinary netizens can't use them. We can buy ordinary direct connection VPS hosts in Hong Kong or Singapore, and give priority to the former, because Laozuo (Laozuo. ORG) has tested Singapore in previous articles, and they also use the PCCW line in Hong Kong( Simply evaluate the speed/routing/IO and other comprehensive performance of GigsGigsCloud Singapore VM )。

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