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GigsGigsCloud Hong Kong CN2 Independent Server 35% off E3-1230V2 16GB unlimited traffic

GigsGigsCloud is also familiar to many of our friends. It is a Malaysian host company. In recent years, its products have focused on Asian routes such as Hong Kong and Singapore in China. At the same time, there are also machines on CN2 GIA lines in the United States. It can be seen that we hope to meet the needs of Chinese consumers. Since last year, GigsGigsCloud merchants have also started to launch Hong Kong CN2 independent servers in succession, and before that, they have also launched Japanese independent servers to meet the needs of our high-end users.

During the weekend, Lao Zuo did not update their home information. During the weekend, there was an activity to launch a 30% discount on Hong Kong CN2 GIA independent server, which they had never had before. If you need a Hong Kong server, you can see if you need it. 10M bandwidth does not limit traffic.

First, Hong Kong CN2 independent service promotion scheme

The official activities are limited to three days until August 11. The first 100 units are delivered directly, and the last 100 units need to wait 14 days for delivery. You need to use the corresponding discount code to enjoy a 25% discount. After the discount, it will take about 80 yuan a month. For our friends who use ordinary hosts, it may feel like an astronomical price, but for those who need independent servers, especially for CN2 Hong Kong servers, it is already quite cheap.

The line bandwidth is 10Mbps, and the traffic is not limited. The route is CN2 GIA, CUG VIP and CM from Hong Kong. Discount code: GGCPromo-2020-88. At the same time, if it is a quarterly payer, the merchant will provide a cash coupon worth $50. The coupon can be used from August 15 to August 31. If the user needs to purchase any product from GGC, if the product exceeds $50, the coupon will be used for deduction.

Second, GGC Hong Kong CN2 server Purchase method

We can see the above figure and select the corresponding products. Seeing that the original price is $239, we add a shopping cart, and then go to the settlement to use coupons.

We can see that after activating the discount code, it only costs $83 a month. For those of us who need Hong Kong servers, we can try.

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