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AMH Management Panel Series Tutorial 1: Installation System and Application Introduction

Since he began to organize and share VPS tutorials, Lao Zuo has been negative about whether VPS uses the management panel. Because we want to maximize the use of VPS after purchasing it. After all, the panel still occupies a certain amount of memory. However, if the panel occupies a small amount of memory, or we are not familiar with the installation package or SSH commands for a while when building a site, we can only use the panel first, and visual panel management is very convenient. We used to use foreign panels, such as kloxo Wait a minute. It is not easy to operate, and many teams in China have developed management panels that are relatively perfect at present. After Laozuo's screening and Q group survey, there are three types of panels that people use most, namely AMH, WDCP and LuManager.

Lao Zuo also didn't go to see whether the official has sorted out detailed use tutorials. Recently, I will be familiar with the practical use of these three panels with you. At the beginning, we will share the AHM panel in no particular order. We will use the same VPS for each data in the use process. Finally, we will choose a management panel that is most suitable for our own interface and operation.

AMH Management Panel Installation tutorial:

Step 1: Install the SSH system

My system installs CentOS 5 32bit xen 256M memory, logs in to SSH, and then uses the one click script below to install version 4.2, which is currently the latest version of 4.2.

wget && chmod 775 && ./ 2>&1 | tee amh.log

I also have contact with the AMH management panel. I feel that the official upgrade frequency is high. For users, it must be the need to pursue the latest version, but I feel a little uncomfortable with frequent upgrades.

Step 2: Select the option we need to install - 1


Enter 1, and then press Enter. Our VPS IP will be prompted, because my VPS has two IP addresses, which can also be seen. Then we need to enter the MYSQL password.


After entering, we need to enter the login password of the AMH management panel. After continuing to enter, it will be automatically installed.

The third step is to wait for the installation time according to the speed of our VPS host. It usually takes 10-20 minutes to complete.


When you see the interface above, it indicates that you have finished. We can use IP: 8888 to log in to our own panel account background.


Take a brief look at the background interface, which is still relatively refreshing. However, the navigation is in English. It is estimated that some friends have a big nod. In fact, it is the same. It is not complicated at all. On the right, we can see that my 256M VPS occupies 88M of memory. Not bad.

This is a brief introduction to the AMH panel. Later, I will share it with you and install a regular CMS site. It should be noted that at the beginning of the installation, I used a free 1G memory VPS, and the speed of the computer room was not very good. Later, I replaced the current one in Los Angeles, and the speed was better. The test machine has 256M memory. Don't let your friends see that the IP information of the machine in front is different from that in the back. Don't think it is a fake tutorial. The tutorial is complete.

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