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AMH management panel series tutorial 4: WordPress program installation and pseudo static settings

From the previous AMH panel tutorials, we have the conditions for building a website. Our mainstream website programs still use WordPress blog system, at least I do. For the installation demonstration of the website program, I will use Wordpress as the installation tutorial to demonstrate, mainly to see the integrity of the installation, whether the file permission setting is required, and the pseudo static problem. Because AMH adopts NGINX instead of APACHE, which we are familiar with.

Step 1: Create a site and add a database

Reference“ AMH Management Panel Series Tutorial II: Add Domain Name Establishment Station and Database "If we need to create FTP, we can give it to our site separately Create FTP After the creation is completed, the long transmission website file is created.

Install the site, enter the database user name and password information we created, and create the WP site.


Step 2: Set pseudo static

There is no WP pseudo static in the default AMH panel. We can download common AMH scripts from Download address "The downloaded documents often use pseudo static rules to upload to the"/usr/local/nginx/conf/rewrite "file. In the editing virtual host site, select the corresponding WP pseudo static rules.


In this way, our site will be added and the pseudo static will be solved.

In conclusion, pseudo static may not be as simple as APACHE for novices, but it is still simple after being familiar with it. After all, people should learn more.

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