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Linode VPS host renewal method

The majority of children's shoes purchased by linode VPS host products, including products from other businesses, should be used to monthly payment. Because of the particularity of linode, many novice friends may be a little strange. Especially after the last three upgrades, a large number of users have purchased. The main reason is that the payment method of linode can only use credit card. Fortunately, we can also purchase Tenpay's virtual credit card of Express card. I will not say how to recharge. It is also possible for Tenpay to recharge directly.

Maybe many people, like Lao Zuo, also cancelled the binding of credit cards due to the exposure of account security problems a few days ago. I used to automatically renew the payment from my credit card. If we have cancelled, we need to rebind it before the end of the month to let him deduct it, or after we bind it ourselves, we take the initiative to recharge and renew it for a month, and then unbind it again.

If we forget to renew it, it doesn't matter. Linode will keep it for 15 days. But for security reasons, we still need to renew it earlier. This is mainly because it is Labor Day holiday on May 1, and we have VPS or host renewal, which needs to be renewed in advance. For one thing, the business may not be online when encountering problems, and for another, we may forget when we go home or go out to play.

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