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Discussion on the renewal of Linode VPS account

Recently, many users of linode vps have asked Lao Zuo to help them renew their accounts, which may be the machines they bought or bought on behalf of others. In the long run, we'd better buy it ourselves or find a friend who is familiar with it. It's better to buy it once for a long time, and there are 10% and 15% discounts for annual or two-year payments( Detailed explanation and knowledge popularization of Linode discount code )。

One thing to note is that if we decide to use it for a long time, we suggest that the account should be renewed in time or the balance of the recharge should be automatically deducted. Linode VPS deducts the payment at the end of a natural month (that is, around the 1st of every month, Beijing time). If the balance of our account is not enough or the credit card is not bound for automatic deduction, this machine can continue for 15 days. If the fee is not renewed after 15 days, our machine will be deleted directly and the data is not backed up.


Look at the picture above, we can recharge. But we need to replace the account credit card with a usable one (Linode can only pay by credit card).

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