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Linux VPS uses SFTP instead of FTP to manage file upload and download

Lao Zuo doesn't know what the purpose of the VPS host is after you buy it, whether you build your own website or split it for multiple users. Generally, the former should be chosen more frequently. Maybe we are used to using the host computer. After configuring the website, we need to use FTP to manage files. Sometimes I am also used to using FTP to edit files before uploading them. Using vi to edit files is a little uncomfortable. Since Lao Zuo opened QQ groups and published QQ numbers, some novice friends contacted him to ask how to install FTP management.

In fact, we don't need to install FTP components, such as the commonly used V SFTP It is also unnecessary to install. We directly use the system's own SFTP The function is OK. I like it“ Three Linux VPS host FTP file management software "You can log in to manage files directly.

By default, SFTP is open, and we do not need to start it. However, this FTP management mode can only be used by ourselves and cannot be given to users. Because all files under VPS are involved, a slight carelessness may lead to system errors. Our novice friends should also be careful when using them, and do not replace or delete the wrong files.

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