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DirectAdmin Tutorial 2: Add MYSQL Database

Generally, when we use DirectAdmin to build websites, most of them are php+mysql scripts. After we add a site, we must Add Database Lao Zuo has never used the DirectAdmin panel before, so here we will learn how to add a database.

The first step, of course, is to enter our DirectAdmin panel interface.


Step 2, see the "MYSQL Database Management" link in the panel.


Seeing that we do not have a database now, we need to click the text above to connect "Create a new database". The DA panel seems not as good as CP, and many important links are relatively inconspicuous.

Step 3: Input our database name, user name and password randomly. It doesn't matter if you can't see it now. You can see it after the final creation.


Finally, we can see the created database information in the final interface.


In this way, we can set up the site with the database information.

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