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Remove the limit on the number of VPS hosts for Vultr

We saw it on Cyber Monday the other day Vultr A $20 event will be given to a newly registered account, but it is valid for 30 days. It should be that many netizens have registered and opened. A netizen asked Lao Zuo about the limit on the number of accounts they can open. For example, in the plan of monthly payment of $2.5, each account can only open two, and there is no way to change the number. However, by default, the total account can only open five machines at the same time, and this number can be changed.

At the beginning of default, if we need to activate more than five servers, we will be prompted "Unable to place order: You have reached the maximum number of active instances for this account. To deploy additional services, please request a limit increase.".

When you see the limit, click "request a limit increase". Then we need to submit the work order. Tell us whether we need to increase the limit quantity, such as 10 or 20, and then give an explanation.

We need to propose what we can do with so many machines. For example, we need multiple servers to build websites, one server for each website, so that clear projects can be easily passed.

PS: Lao Zuo has not received a reply after he submitted a work order for a friend. If you can post my work order specifically for your reference.

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