Lsky Pro enterprise version launched

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The enterprise version of the blue sky chart bed uses the same architecture as the open source version v2. X, but it is completely different in function and positioning. In addition to further strengthening the function, the enterprise version also optimizes the performance and product robustness, so that it can be commercialized.

The basic characteristics are as follows:

  • support local And other third-party cloud storage AWS S3 Alibaba cloud OSS Tencent cloud cos Qiniuyun Cloud again SFTP FTP WebDav Minio
  • Multiple database driver support, MySQL 5.7+ PostgreSQL 9.6+ SQLite 3.8.8+ SQL Server 2017+
  • Role group control and multi policy support. Multiple role groups support association of multiple policies. Upload files, folder path naming rules, upload frequency limit, image review and other functions can be set for role groups
  • Multi user, photo album, interface, picture square function
  • Image review, original image protection function, support image watermark, text watermark, watermark tiling, watermark position setting, X / Y axis offset setting, rotation angle, etc
  • Batch upload, paste upload, drag and drop upload, copy embedded code
  • It supports uploading, managing pictures and managing albums through the interface. The interface supports setting permissions and managing token visually
  • Share photo albums and pictures, support password sharing, and set sharing validity period
  • User's homepage, user's public pictures and photo albums, likes and reports
  • Station announcement, opinion collection, report management, independent page management
  • Package system, work order system, coupon management, IP shielding function
  • Suitable for official payment function of Alipay and wechat
  • Concurrent upload optimization, million image data benchmark optimization
  • Support online incremental update and cross version update

The comparison between enterprise version and open source version is shown in the figure below

Performance is not weak

Demo site: (Enterprise Edition)

For more information, please visit the official website:



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