Google Chrome v66 0.3359.117 official version

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Google Chrome (Google browser) is a browser developed by Google company, which allows you to use the Internet more quickly, easily and safely. The browser is based on other open source software, including WebKit, with the goal of improving stability, speed and security, and creating a simple and efficient interface. Google Chrome is super simple and easy to use. The biggest bright spot of Google browser is its multi process architecture, which can protect it from crashing due to malicious web pages and applications.

 Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Search and get

Search and navigation can be done through the same box. When you enter the content, the system will display the search results and relevant suggestions (including the content you have recently searched and the websites you visited) in real time for you to choose freely, so you can quickly get the content you need.

Reduce input operations

Tired of filling in web forms with the same information over and over again? With the auto fill function, you can complete the form with one click. This feature can also be used across devices to help save the hassle of entering content on a small screen.

Continue from where you left off last time

Chrome syncs tabs, bookmarks, and recent searches you've opened on your computer to your phone or tablet, and vice versa. This means that you can synchronize your content and settings in chrome to all your devices. Just log in to your other devices to start syncing.

Customize your own Chrome

With chrome theme backgrounds, apps and extensions, you can browse the web the way you like. In addition, you can also bookmark your favorite web pages and load them at startup, so that you can directly access these pages. After you finish setting up chrome, your custom settings will be synchronized across all your devices.

be careful

  1. Google browser installation package is a silent installation package, double-click automatically release files, no installation interface;
  2. XP system is not supported since V50. WinXP users should use v49 or earlier version;
  3. For security reasons, Google browser no longer has built-in flash, which makes you have to download and install flash if you want to play flash animation

New edition changes

2018-04-18 07:08 v66. 0.3359.117

Chrome 66 adds a new function to prevent automatic playing of videos, which can prohibit the automatic playing of annoying web videos. It also enhances console functions and device updates; In terms of security, with the third-party app security prompt function, in addition, using Symantec's SSL certificate certificate certificate will now be classified as untrusted, which will cause security errors.

Chrome 65 version extension page fully enables material design design design, and adds two APIs for web developers: CSS paint and servertiming. In addition, it imports more than 40 security updates and bug fixes.

Chrome 64 brings the first security patch released by web browsers to address meltdown and spectre vulnerabilities.

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  • Kick your ass

    I feel that chrome takes up too much memory. 12g is not enough.

    June 3, 2018
    • Gcod

      @Kick your ass However, as long as it is used smoothly, it does not affect the use of the computer. Moreover, the memory is originally used, and good experience is the king,
      It is unnecessary to pay attention to the so-called memory cleaning of housekeepers and guards. In any case, it has no effect in essence, but it is counterproductive.

      June 3, 2018