Update description of zero Nine Chart bed [20220316]

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Update instructions for table zero nine "must see"

It started in 2016. Since the end of the 18th year, it was moved from shudongwai chain to the version V1 of the blue sky map bed. This time, it was upgraded to the new version V2 of the blue sky map bed. The years are like a song, and in a flash it is 2022,

The server data has been migrated in March 16, 2022. After this migration, all registered users in the station are in the UN verified state (please verify the email timely after login),

Login account is email, password is   User name + email address The combination of,

You can also reset your password through your registered email address,

If you have problems during login, email verification or other use, please add a discussion group to contact the administrator,

Visitors are not supported to upload pictures

For official use, please register Users (in order to avoid abuse, the initial capacity of new registered users is reduced to 100MB, and the original users are not affected by this adjustment)!

In order to maintain the rights and interests of existing users, the default user group forbids uploading pictures,

At the same time, set the registration threshold, if you need to use, please add a group and contact the administrator for approval

Deduction communication group: nine hundred and sixty-three million two hundred and ninety-six thousand two hundred and eleven


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