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Only kms online activation ideas are provided, and some download resources are collected from the Internet~

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"It's raining in your city. I'd like to ask if you have an umbrella. But I can't help it because I'm afraid you said you didn't bring it. It's like I love you, but I can't give you the company you want."                                                                                                           --- Hayao Miyazaki     The little sister in the screenshot of my circle of friends was a colleague of a company when I first came to Shanghai. I always remember a very positive and optimistic, gentle and delicate girl from Nanjing. From the dynamic of all kinds of drying in the circle of friends, we can see that

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    There is a problem with the release on April 11, 2021. It may be that several DLLs have been deleted by mistake, which leads to abnormal login. It is always displayed that the new version has been updated. Please download it again (PM 21:10). Thank you @ Ji Changxin for your feedback. I'm really sorry to hear that I've been picked up by my girlfriend   Download address: LAN Zuoyun (recommended) https://ppan.lanzous.com/ipfPYnxys0d Baidu cloud link: https://eyun.baidu.com/s/3hti9Pv2 Password: gcod other historical versions download: https://eyun.b

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I don't know if I got vaccinated last Thursday. Maybe it's something else. Sometimes I feel very anxious when I'm alone. I know a lot of truth, but I still can't live a good life. After two days of playing in Qingming, I feel a little relieved. Alas, I don't know when I've become such a sentimental person

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1. Get docker image   Bitwardens / server 2. Create a container to map port 80, and map the container directory / data to a directory of the server to facilitate data backup PS: add admin to the environment variable_ TOKEN=some_ random_ token_ as_ per_ above_ 3. Create a new site and configure the reverse proxy to the port just mapped. For example: location / {proxy ﹤ u pass ; proxy_set_header Host $host; …

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Involving personal protection of the parties, some information will not be displayed~   Record date: 2021-03-21 PM  

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  This video is reprinted from B station up main @ Luowen Atkinson, the original video link https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1qt411j7fV

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For the first time, please go to the btpanel application list to install the docker container service. After the installation is complete, open the docker manager image management to get the image, and pull the nextcloud image from the official library. If it is a domestic server, it may be slower to pull the image from the official library. You can configure the image source of alicloud at the image acceleration https://cfqckegk.mirror.aliyuncs.com     (super fast) after the above steps are completed, and then refer to the following figure to create a container in the container list, and then you can take a screenshot of the red circle part of the description: port mapping, put the container port 80 out to the server port (for external access), directory mapping, mapping path / var / www / HTM

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