Installed ProxmoxVE (PVE) on the idle notebook

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Installation steps:

ProxmoxVE image download:

To create a startup disk, I use Ventoy as a startup USB flash disk (powerful, easy to use, strong, and available for download on the official website of Amway )

The whole installation without brain is enough. Please refer to this article:


I don't know whether it's because of the version or my operation. The second time I reinstalled my grid, I didn't click the custom hard disk to drive it in, but an error was reported when I installed it directly to the partition, and the installation was normal only after the size of the next hdsize was saved

There was no screenshot at that time. The picture in the article above the screenshot below was taken directly for use. I'll just have a look. It's the same anyway.

After installation, follow the prompts to access https://ip:8006 that will do

When logging in, select Chinese (Simplified) as the language, and the operation UI will be displayed in Chinese


In addition, there are some optimization operations for the pve itself, such as configuring domestic software sources,

If you are lazy, I recommend you use pvetools directly

Project address

Other reference tutorials, etc.:


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    My good brother, the traffic vanisher (and Caiyun cloud disk) should now call the China Mobile cloud disk link invalid.

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      @Release execution The validity period of the direct link extracted from the online disk and Caiyun is too short. It is recommended to extract it by yourself and fill in the custom link~

      November 1, 2022
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        @Gcod Where can I get it?

        November 1, 2022
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    Installed ProxmoxVE (PVE) on idle PC
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