Jinshan Typelink goes to the advertising version

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Software introduction:

Jinshan Typing is an educational software, which is mainly composed of Jinshan Typing Pass and Jinshan Typing Game. Jinshan Typing Pass is a customized and personalized practice course for user level, step by step.

It is suitable for typing teaching, computer introduction, vocational training, Chinese language training and other use scenarios. Step by step, break through the blind typing barrier, use your fingers quickly, completely get rid of boring learning, play online typing games, focus on the training of commonly used words that are easy to make mistakes, correct the blurred sounds of southern sounds, learn five strokes without memorizing the root words, provide five strokes of anti checking tools, and provide 12 vocational training such as number keys and simultaneous input.

Features of this edition:
Based on the latest version of the official production, remove all kinds of promotional software bundled with the original installation package;
Remove daily focus pop ups;
Remove the redundant menu of the tray;
Baidu advertising text on the bottom bar;
It is prohibited to add a power on self start;
It is prohibited to click the top daily focus button;
It is prohibited to click the user feedback button at the lower left corner;
Prohibit checking for updates before each startup.

File download:

Access Password one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven

The security software has been tested to be non-toxic. Please be assured to download it.


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