Redcore apologized and admitted to exaggeration and non-compliance with the open source agreement

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At present, the red core browser, which is known as the controllable kernel with independent intellectual property rights, has issued a number of official statements to quell the storm of kernel counterfeiting.
In a statement released yesterday, redcore finally admitted that it was based on chromium open source project, but now the focus of kernel fraud is still very high.
In its latest apology statement, redcore admitted that the company had exaggerated its recent financing campaign and misled the public.

 Redcore apologized and admitted to exaggeration and non-compliance with the open source agreement

The statement also reflects the following points:

1. In the recent financing and publicity process of red core browser, there was indeed exaggeration, which misled the public, because red core apologized to the public for this.
This shows that the article published by the media at the beginning, which is known as the independent controllable kernel of domestic independent intellectual property rights, is the propaganda manuscript prepared and released by red core browser itself.

2. The red core browser kernel is based on the internationally accepted open source chromium kernel architecture for transformation and innovation, which makes readers mistakenly think that red core is developed from scratch.
Redcore modifies the page and erases most of the content of the chrome open source project, making readers think that developing from scratch is the purpose of redcore?

3. In the future, the red core browser will indicate in the prominent position of the product that the red core browser kernel is based on Google's open source free chromium project.
According to the agreement of chromium and most open source projects, free use is OK, but only if the project name and relevant open source license are specified.
The red core browser only said that it was based on the international common browser kernel architecture on the page, and did not mention chromium, which is in violation of the open source agreement.

Open source project is not equal to non ethical use

It has happened many times to rewrite the code of open source projects as their own projects. The spirit of open source is to let users all over the world use the software equally.
Many open source projects are created and maintained by contributors from all over the world. It is shameless to say that it is self innovation to steal project code.


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