[18-08-19] QQ9.05 Greening+Display IP+Anti withdrawal Version

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Greening based on QQ9.05+Ntr5.02
Only for learning and communication~
Update description:
### QQ 9.0.5

-The new version gives you a new look
-Group chat files, support breakpoint resume after network disconnection recovery
-Height adjustment of chat input box can synchronize all input boxes of the machine
-Improved login speed and smoother operation NtrQQ 5.0.2
-Fix compatible QQ9.0.5
-Repair advanced detection function
-Optimize the default high-precision IP query point to display operator information
-Optimize the problem of soft false positives caused by partial killing
-Update QQ version number database to August 18, 2018

File verification:
Name: QQ9.05 greening+display IP+anti withdrawal version. exe
Size: 70870715 bytes (67 MiB)
CRC64: 7CAF4C7E81E87AB3
SHA256: 84842710B5A28B338EA53552EB68ADD9D1A7EDDA57C44EF1E5BDEB8CBB55837D
SHA1: FA4CEBD2967AF414BB28D4DB8F078AB0629EF827
BLAKE2sp: C0D01FA57CE25C537FBE1999B3D72E11FBADC618EF6857503A212A96C4A553BC
Download address:
[ypbtn] https://www.lanzous.com/i1oo3kh [/ypbtn] Download Now

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