Netcom: free one button intranet penetration, convenient configuration

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Official introduction:

The network is free of charge, and the intranet penetration software can easily access and connect the intranet. It can penetrate the intranet 100% without setting up a router, public IP, fixed IP and dynamic domain name. Users can add multiple mappings for free, It is suitable for companies, residential broadband, rental housing, campus network, Internet cafes, education network, etc. the network structure is complex and strict.


Select the appropriate mapping type and classify the common services

1. Only one service port of the application is mapped:
MSSQL, mysql, Oracle, SVN, 3389, vnc, SSH, my world, etc

2. Applications using full port mapping (listening to services on multiple ports)
FTP, application, industry software, video monitoring, etc. (general)

3. The application using website mapping (mapping website, 80 port penetration)
Web server, IIS, Apache, Tomcat, etc.

Download method:
Download address 1     Download address 2     Download address 3


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