Dark negative energy quotations

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1. Some people's EQ is relatively low, they can't play their social role well, they can only face the world with the most real self all the time.
2. As long as it's a stone, it won't shine anywhere. You must admit: I am a stone, lying in the toilet peacefully, my world you do not understand, so I am very hard.
3. While nibbling on the drumsticks and chests of the soul, the social elite offered us Chicken Soup for the soul, saying that the value of life does not lie in how much money you earn and whether you are beautiful externally.
4. I didn't know until I was 30 that it was a very valuable ability, not hypocrisy, to say different things to different people and show different attitudes.
5. Don't lose weight. You're ugly not only because you're fat.
6. If you're busy, in addition to the fact that you're really important, the more likely reasons are: you're weak, you don't have anything better to do, your life is too bad to make up for it, or you pretend to be busy and make yourself important. Steve Jobs
7. Some people sigh: "I am not young, not mature." In fact, you are mature, you are mature.
8. Only if you have the ability to find a girlfriend and a lot of spare tires can you really enjoy your single life.
9. You work so hard, endure so much loneliness and entanglement, we don't think you have much outstanding.
10. Look in the mirror more, and you will understand the reason for many things.
11. If you do more work every day than others, but you are happy and feel valued, then you are not so talented as your leader is very good at managing people.
12. I used to think that people who depend on relationships must be very incompetent. After contacting them, I found that they were all better than me.
13. I have some beautiful and educated sisters who had the chance to marry the second generation of rich officials, but many of them were attracted by the boys who were good-looking, had high education in famous universities, had just graduated from famous foreign enterprises, worked overtime late and still kept fit. They feel that they are progressive and have potential. Five or six years later, they were blue with regret.
14. When loser faces people whose life is better than himself, he has a grudge in his heart.
15. After so long efforts, if you have a little talent, it's time for some success.
16. "When you were young, you did nothing; sometimes you complained about yourself, decadent and degenerated, sometimes you clenched your teeth and tried hard to run a relationship, but your life didn't improve and you were miserable until you were 30." After hearing this, he asked excitedly: what about after 30? Is there a change? The fortune teller raised his head slightly: after 30 years old You get used to it.
17. Even if you give up the factor of origin, I don't think you can do other people's work.
18. Bragging is the nature of some people. When I don't have much to say about some topics, I will tease foreign aid: I have a friend who has a more powerful experience than you. After speaking, he was complacent. As a friend, he was sure that he would not be worse.
19. My parents always pay attention to my moral education. In the society, I was taught by my parents to receive people and things, but found that I was not treated by others.
20. He quit his job at the age of 26 and set up a band with friends to perform in private universities. The response was dull. When I was 30 years old, I spent a lot of money on my father's illness. "Give up when you finish singing. That's where youth comes from." Before the concert of Gansu Qilihe University, he said with tears. A female student handed in a note: I like your song, and I want to stick to my dream. He pressed the note and decided to stick to his dream. At the age of 34, he owed more than 100000 debts, and his father died of illness.
21. Some young people work in some large state-owned enterprises and organs as soon as they graduate. I have nothing to do every day. I just eat and drink. The welfare is very good. Life has not been struggling to start pension, their own ideals are left aside, with the people to enjoy privileges. For such young people, I just want to ask you four words: where to submit your resume?
Only those who have no money and no career have time to improve their life
23. Healthy body, parents with both parents, being able to support themselves, a few friends who can talk to each other, and beautiful scenery that we can enjoy freely, all of which we have already obtained - so the need to be stronger than others and to be recognized by the society is highlighted.
24. Life is like this, with laughter and tears. Some people are mainly responsible for laughter, others are mainly responsible for tears.
25. Some girls think that they can be cute when they say they are food, but in fact, they have no such effect.
26. There is nothing wrong with the world. Who makes you look bad and have no money.
27. Those who have really worked hard will understand the importance of talent.
28. Some young people create their high-end income image through high-end consumption.
29. Ugly women make people pay attention to her inner beauty, while ordinary girls are ignored.
At the age of 30 or 30, most people are stuck in junior positions. The existing work can not be upgraded, and can not afford the time cost of changing careers, and there is no time to go to study. Parents became ill, their income was limited, and they had no savings. The greater pain is to see that the hard-working and intelligent people who have no background have made little achievements, and those with backgrounds have begun to live a noble life.
31. Some people have worked hard all their life to get into the third class from the fourth class.
32. If you don't look good, you may not be good. But because of the long-term lonely torment, sometimes will madly good to people.
33. What is sensitivity? The same thing, their own more easily than others to think of it as a setback. What is vulnerability? The same frustration produces more negative emotions than others. What is depression? It takes more time and energy to recover from the same negative emotions than others. What is the weak? Sensitive, vulnerable, depressed people.
34. The limitation of poor family background is not only a platform problem. If you are born in a bad family, it means that your parents are not very good. Maybe you have the word "no" in your genes.
35. To live a positive life and change yourself is to pretend. Pretend to be positive and optimistic, to be interested in doing these boring things, to pretend to be calm and rational, and to be interested in what you are doing.
Everyone has the right to be happy, and a few have the ability to be happy.
37. Many people find that they can't compare with others in money, power and women's issues, so they try to do something about morality and the realm of life.
38. You don't suffer much more than others. The pain mainly comes from sensitivity and vulnerability.
39. The boss and leaders know who can get promoted. For those who can't, they will continue to encourage and give them hope.
I look down on those who are not as good as me, and I hate those who are better than me.
41. I don't mix well in the society. I hate the society. But I can't do without it. The few good things in my life are all from it.
42. The girls would rather be the spare of Gao Shuai Fu than accept the behavior of Guisi, which ensures the progress of human beings genetically.
I sympathize with the graduates of famous schools. Most of these people, the greatest achievement in their life is the success of the college entrance examination, which surpasses all kinds of social strata and seems to rise to the top. I've been going downhill all my life.
If you have no loveliness, no one will love you.
45. Unfilial children: after economic independence, they go abroad or in other places, earn money and spend it by themselves. They call home every week or call their parents on QQ. I love your sons and daughters.
46. I went to see a psychiatrist for depression. After listening to my statement, he said: if what you said is true, why don't you commit suicide? You're not depressed. Depression is to see things pessimistic, originally good, but think not. You are not as good as others.
47. You try your best to figure out some things, but it doesn't help solve them at all.
48. Some people have no good background, smart brains and the ability to deal with people. Trying to succeed through simple efforts is just as ridiculous as trying to make delicious dumplings only by flour.
49. I have always firmly believed that what society really needs is not those hypocritical entertainment stars, those dishonest politicians, or those unscrupulous entrepreneurs who make money. And the last thing this society needs is a fool like me who has no ability to talk and complain every day.
50. After ten years of continuous struggle and tempering, I have finally grown up from a young man who cherishes ignorance and is sensitive and vulnerable, to a youth who cherishes ignorance and is sensitive and vulnerable.
51. Why do some people oppose the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction with the pursuit of material prosperity? You are not happy because your realm is not high, your material life is poor because of your ability. It's totally different.
52. Before, kneeling to earn little money, so I imitated those excellent people and tried to stand up. As a result, I lost my job.
53. If a man is not handsome, he won't go out and have sex with others? Do men put you first if they don't have a career? Some women are idiots.
54. If the appearance is good enough to attract the attention of others and the money can support all kinds of entertainment activities, who would like to stay at home every day, play games, brush microblogs and watch TV dramas.
55. Your resources and talents are mediocre. Every day you think about how to be kind to others, how not to trouble others, and how to be considerate of others everywhere. You will only get over the worse (compared with the speed of progress of others). How can you succeed.
You and I are eager to succeed, even if we have to pay a lot. But we can't even get up earlier.
57. Many important and urgent things. If you do one of them first, you will feel that other things are delayed. So I'd better go to the Internet bar first.
58. What kind of man-made is what kind of country. Don't always think that our motherland is not worthy of you.
If only I had money or good looks. That way, even if I'm a little weird, someone will listen to my thoughts and feelings and make friends with me.
Travel can't make up for your inner emptiness!
61. I miss the people who shouldn't miss every day, and do things that have nothing to do with reality.
62. The maturity of women at this age makes boys blush. They are at the peak of their lives, when they are most able to influence men. Women consider practical issues, such as how to marry a good man, how to support themselves in the future, and usually manage their own interpersonal relationships. However, young men generally have nothing. They struggle in the daytime and play games at night. They often indulge in the beauty of impossible girls and daydream.
Friend, it's not laziness. Laziness can be overcome. You just have a weak brain. You can't endure high-intensity thinking for a long time. You can't deal with too much logic and too much information.
64. I find that many people who don't get along well are very open-minded. I don't know whether they disdain worldly success because they have a thorough understanding, or they have to be open because they are not successful.
65. Many people make up their minds in two or three days. It seems that they can be reborn tomorrow and say goodbye to themselves. Do you know it's still shit after Nirvana.
I used to hate people with family background. Later, I found out that they were not at the same level as themselves and could not threaten me at all. Therefore, I turn to hate those who have no background, but are capable and willing to bear hardships.
67. When I first went to university, I was worried about whether I should marry a lady of a big family and support myself in my career; or I should marry a beautiful and virtuous little Jasper to live a comfortable life. Now I find myself thinking too much at that time.
68. That's all I have. If I work wholeheartedly, I will certainly neglect life; if I live with my heart, I will accomplish nothing; if I take both into consideration, I will inevitably be mediocre.
69. Those elites whom everyone envies are not as good as you think, but they are certainly much better than you.
70. Every time I see the poor travel log, I feel that: then, don't be poor.
71. Most of the time, people treat you not because they like you, but because they like to be nice to others.
Happiness is not far away from us, it has always been in our good-looking, superior family, brain easy to use, positive and optimistic friends.
I'm not afraid to become people I hate, I'm afraid I'm not as good as them.
74. Chinese in the United States are like the Chinese in American dramas. They often appear, but they are never the protagonists.
75. Some people can't sleep without spending a few hours a day doing something boring.
It's not good in China, it's not good. You can't go abroad, so you're finished.
77. Savor every pain of the moment with your heart, so that you will not be nostalgic when you die.
78. If only there was a place where one could sell his soul for material enjoyment.
79. Meet someone you know and want to have a chat. She said she went to Hong Kong to play with Greece and bought apples and cosmetics. I don't know how to respond because I haven't been out and shopping for a long time. I also said that I had recently thought about the issue of why people are alive and born. She was silent because she had not thought about such a question for a long time. After that, there was no more words.
80. Some interests and specialties. It's quite NB to be an amateur, but once it becomes a profession, it's very weak.
81. Being a fool can only cause a small amount of pain. A lot of pain comes from being a fool and trying not to let others know.
82. How ever did Hong Yan really know her best friend? Only when she was bored in her life did she read.
83. After finding out that they are unlikely to succeed in their career, some people changed their life goal to "experience and do what they want to do", while others changed it to "work hard and let them not regret it."
84. If your friends are so happy every day, they won't send them to the Internet.
Men who are ugly and have no money are no more reliable than Gao Shuai Fu.
People are lonely after all. Even if I occasionally feel that I have many friends, it is just an illusion caused by the noise around me.
Laziness is a good excuse. It seems that if you are diligent, you will be able to do something.
Freedom is never a matter of course, but a privilege that requires a high cost.
89. When someone tells you that he / she is busy, he / she needs to leave time for someone more important.
90. "Hello, teacher, how can graduates like me, who have no background, define themselves? "The most educated group of people at the bottom of society."
Some people have poor social skills and can only make friends with those who share the same ideals and appreciate each other. And those who are not easygoing and don't like themselves, but can bring them improvement, they have no ability to deal with it.
92. If there is no virtue in the world, money is the greatest virtue; if there is no talent, power is talent; if there is no beauty, sexy is beauty; if there is no human relationship, interest relationship is human relationship; if there is no human nature in the world, it is human nature to seek profits.
93. When I was a child, I thought that the rich people were very tired and their hearts were black. After growing up, I found that many rich people know a lot, have rich experience, work very seriously, be generous and rational, and get along better than poor people.
94. You give the gene, you give the growth environment, you give the social class - and you have the face to complain that your children are not promising
The people we can rely on most in times of difficulty are also the people most likely to ignore when we are in good times. Like spare tire, parents, kind but not good friends.
96. Many young people are always confused about the world outlook and outlook on life. The crux is that they think too much and read too little.
97. I found that no coal miner has become a coal boss by digging more coal.
98. It is relatively simple to be at a high position and approachable, and to be rich and do good. It's hard to do that in a low place.
99. All those who complain about social injustice and system translate into one sentence: please give me money, women and social status!
Success or failure is the only criterion to judge a hero.
101. Nansi Zhuang spreads these negative energy quotations. He must be a good boy.
102. The most humiliating thing is: you hate each other, and the other person doesn't care about it.
103. There are always people who can't get up with their jobs when it's time to work, and they can't let go when they play.
If you are infatuated with someone, you are not worthy of him.
It seems boring or lonely every day. Looking for friends to eat and hang out with is just to meet the needs of communication with others, which is not social.
Thanks to the fans, many people can't bear to see the truth.
If he is charming, you can go out with him; if he has money, you can try to be a boyfriend and girlfriend with him; if he is powerful, you can socialize with him; if he is good at writing, you can read it; if he is very caring, you can talk to him; if he is kind, you can ask him for help. What kind of person you are, what others do to you, is nothing strange.
Bad women love men's money and power; good women love men's confidence, generosity, energy, optimism and enterprising. It's good. We all come to the same goal.
109. The love he gives you will disappear, but the Tiffany he gives you will not be devalued.
110. When a person's spiritual living standard exceeds his material living standard, he begins to appear pretentious.
The freedom and infinite possibility of life are illusions. Everyone is bound to death by social pressure, close people and themselves, doing what they will do every day.
Whether you have enough energy is the result of good health. It has little to do with having a positive attitude.
Love is, if there is no better choice, I will accompany you to the end of time.
People who talk about life, society and morality every day often have low intelligence. The real savvy people have taken these thoughts for granted, internalized them into their own actions and achieved success in the material world.
115. Because of the poor material conditions, you can't get along well in the secular world, and you will fall into the empty door. After I went in, I found that I had to rely more on Huigen here. No matter where you go in life, you can't do without a comparison.
Sometimes we feel that others have misunderstood ourselves, but actually we have misunderstood ourselves.
117. If you know something is interesting, but you can't do it and lose it, it's OK. If you feel nothing interesting, it should be depression.
118, and so on in the life really had the birth and death such big event, only then knew own before sadness is the bullshit.
119. A girl in my college dormitory spends half an hour mixing dog food outside to feed stray dogs. But she only calls home once in half a month. Her family is a working class in the third tier cities. All the students said she was a little angel of love.
Curative effect: to treat amnesia. Dosage and usage: take the medicine when you can't remember taking it until you can remember it.
Two Chinese entrepreneurs took the elevator to the 20th floor. The reporter interviewed how they got up. One said he ran up in the elevator, the other said he did push ups in the elevator. Then they asked how they could not get to the 20th floor. The elevator has a system problem.
Chairman Mao once said: it is not difficult to be a good man for a day, but it is difficult to be a rich man all his life.
There are two groups of students arguing fiercely online. One side thinks that they should use their spare time to travel, wander, teach and experience life to their heart's content; the other thinks that their spare time should be used to learn English, take IELTS tests, do internships, and make reserves for their career. In fact, they go online in their spare time.
Another day passed. How are you today? Is your dream going further?
On May 21, 2012, a 10 meter long cetacean was found dead in the grasslands of East Yorkshire, England... It is 800 meters away from the nearest coastline, and there is no man-made or natural scar on his body. It is speculated that it is after grounding that it hopes to roll back to the sea, but unfortunately it rolls in the wrong direction. That's what your life is about.
People are always fickle, and love always changes.
A person will be lonely but at ease.
How do you want me to love me? I don't even love myself.
I don't mind being alone. It's more comfortable than loving you.
Birds fly far away with warblers and phoenixes, and many people feel inferior to virtuous people.
Sometimes, the person you want most is the one you should leave.
Love is just the right love.
133. The most sensible people are often the most capricious, and the most difficult people are often the most profound.
No one can predict the future, so there are always people who regret the beginning.
135. No one can go into a person's heart completely.
I have a friend from an average family who always thinks that he will be happier if he has money. Then he made a fortune in his mother's infant education. Nearly ten years later, I saw him and asked: now you are rich. Are you really happy? He replied: wonderful! I walked away in silence.
137. A few years ago, a girl from BBS wrote: "I don't know why, every time an ugly man looks at me, I always feel that he is very cruel and trivial, especially disgusted; but the handsome guy looks at me and feels very good. Today, I saw a boy write: "I find that I always like to rush to help a beautiful girl, and I will ask her what she needs unconsciously; but every time an ugly girl asks me to help, I feel like: what can you do?
138. Put down the butcher's knife, but hit his own foot. Lift up the stone and become a Buddha.
139. Some obvious truths are particularly lovely.

140. Come and join us to spread negative energy.

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