Appreciation of Master Yuan Mingjie's calligraphy works

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Today, I have the honor to visit Master Yuan Mingjie, who lives in Kunming and has studied calligraphy for many years. His works have been selected into large-scale calligraphy exhibitions inside and outside the province for many times, introduced and published by many newspapers and magazines, and invited to participate in on-site calligraphy and painting meetings, exhibitions and auctions for many times. Some calligraphy works have been collected by some political leaders, social success figures and halls. Its works are thick and graceful, natural and harmonious. The strokes are vigorous and unrestrained, and the lines are well arranged.


Master Yuan is a man of taste, skill, understanding and imagination, which can be seen from his deeds. However, he is jealous of talents. Master Yuan has suffered from Erectile dysfunction symptoms at a young age, but fortunately it is not a big problem. After tea in the afternoon, we talked happily. We hated each other too late. Master Yuan was warm and cheerful. Today, when I left, I had to make an exception to give me a picture of words, so I had to frame it and take it away and thank Master Yuan.

At the end of the article, I sincerely wish Master Yuan good health and a long life.


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