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All of a sudden, the freshman year is coming to an end, and the student union is about to change its term. Fortunately to be a good person, but also in order to cater to our group of students' search, we published the template that I once wrote. Ha ha, good for the country and the people.
Friendly tips, remember to look at the time when using.
With the gorgeous summer scenery, the second semester of 2013-2014 is about to end, and the first semester of 2013-2014 is coming. Looking back on this passionate second semester, with the joint efforts of the Department members, the office work has achieved certain results, and the work of the office has been basically completed smoothly. In order to continue to carry out the daily routine work of the office with high quality, better contact with various departments, strive for continuous improvement and progress in the work process, full of passion and vitality, we have made full planning and preparation for the work of the first semester of 2013-2014.
1、 Strict recruitment
1. When recruiting new students, we should vigorously publicize it to make sure that more students know the office department and let students have a preliminary understanding of the office.
2. It is necessary to plan the number of new recruits and recruit the right number according to the work scope and intensity of the office, so that every officer entering the office can fully demonstrate his ability.
3. The whole interview should be well planned and well prepared.
4. The scope of work and ability requirements of the office should be introduced to students in detail, so that students can have a purpose and direction.
5. Select excellent and potential students from the interviewees to join the office. Be absolutely fair and just.
2、 Cultivate the secretary with heart
1. In their daily study and life, they should communicate with the secretaries and give them more ideological and psychological guidance and education.
2. At ordinary times, we should pay more attention to each officer, gradually understand them, find out the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, and reasonably allocate the work.
3. We should make every officer have a correct attitude and put their own posture in their daily life, study and work. We should not let them have arrogant psychology.
4. We should train every executive to be a person with a sense of responsibility and responsibility. This is particularly important in the future life, study and work.
5. We should always teach the secretaries to be a positive and optimistic person, not to complain all day, and to drive away their negative emotions and complaints.
6. Let every secretary know his own identity, understand his bounden duty, as a student, we must study hard, take learning as our primary task, and constantly make progress.
7. Let them learn the ability to communicate with others, and teach them some methods and skills to get along with others.
8. Let them understand the importance of teamwork and learn how to deal with unexpected situations.
9. Let every officer give full play to their own advantages. Recognize your own shortcomings and make them up in time.
10. In the face of any problem, let everyone reflect on themselves.
3、 Reasonable and effective management mode
1. We should let every officer know clearly the scope of work of his own department, but also let them know the scope of work of other departments. We should let them communicate more and establish good relations with other departments' officers. We should not just linger in a small scope. In this way, the cooperation between departments will be very easy and perfect, and the work assigned to us by our superiors will be very easy It will be more efficient and orderly.
2. To make every student's view of the office change, so that our department in the hearts of students to establish a good image.
3. All the officers should communicate and communicate with the class leaders on a regular basis, so that they can establish a good life and work relationship.     
4. Our department will actively cooperate with the work of other departments and relevant leaders, do a good job in comprehensive coordination, so as to maintain the normal operation of daily work.
4、 Self demand
1. We should constantly improve our own quality and self-cultivation and be a person with quality and accomplishment.
2. We must try our best to fulfill the duty of a student, study hard and constantly improve our study results.
3. If you want to be a person who knows how to give, you should think about others first. Don't be too self-centered and selfish.
4. We should be calm and calm and use rational and effective methods to deal with and solve problems.
5. To strengthen the study of all aspects of knowledge and skills, to ensure that everything can be handy.
6. To establish a correct attitude, attitude determines everything.
7. We should learn to behave in a low-key manner and do things in a high-profile way, and we should not have the psychology of arrogance.
8. We should constantly pursue perfection and constantly surpass ourselves. No matter what we do, we should do our best.
5、 Continue to improve the routine work of the office
1. Keep in touch with the school office.
2. We will continue to promote the work related to the management of office documents, materials, archives and articles.
3. Carry out daily statistics and management of other departments.
4. Seriously and responsibly handle the financial management such as reimbursement.
5. Provide strong computer technology and information processing technology support for our hospital.
6. Continue to do a good job in applying for venues for college activities and conferences.
Finally, I hope that our department can make greater progress in the new semester, and every officer can be fully trained, constantly improve, constantly surpass, and constantly improve. We work together to build the student union better!
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