WOL network wake up remote boot

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The basic knowledge of WOL, and how to open the BIOS, whether the motherboard supports WOL, and so on, are not described here. These are believed to be available on the Internet, and a lot of tutorials are searched, so it is not difficult to find them.

The premise of this article is that you can wake up your computer through LAN, otherwise, there is no need to continue to read.

If I am at home at ordinary times, the common way is to let tmall Genie help me turn on the machine, which is just a matter of a word;

When you are not at home, log in to the router background, (I use the Merlin firmware) location in the network tool - wake up over the network (LAN)
Enter the MAC address to wake up the computer.

The disadvantage of this method is to visit the router background every time. It is not convenient and friendly for family and friends to use, and it is easy to misoperate;

There is a method to connect VPN to the home network, which is not easy to use. It is also not easy to use VPN software.

Although all the methods mentioned above are feasible, they are still somewhat wordy and not very good.

Later, I thought of an idea, through the Internet or a page, a key to wake up, to save other steps

At that time, I didn't quite understand it at that time. Together with my friends, I wanted to catch the data returned by tmall genie to realize remote wake-up of the computer,
With the help of a friend, the packet was also caught, but in the end, the test was also a lot of problems, and it was not finished.

Two days ago, I saw that there was a method on the Internet to directly map any port of the device. As long as you send the magic package, you can also realize the remote boot method,

According to this idea, there is this: https://api.vv1234.cn/wol/   Wan remote wake up interface
It is also very simple to use. You only need to provide the router DDNS address, device MAC address, and wake up the port used by the device,
It is strongly recommended that you design and construct the form form by yourself. If you have a good-looking template, you are welcome to contribute.

The basic operation is as follows: forward through the port, map a port out, and then send packets through the interface,
At this time, the wake on LAN Monitor can be used to monitor whether the packets can be received normally
Attachment: wakeonlanmonitor blueplay cloud download address: https://www.lanzous.com/i75o0cd?t Password gcod
If the data packet can be received normally, the device can be shut down to test whether it can be turned on.
Of course, there are some differences in Merlin firmware. Because there is no ARP binding function, after the computer is shut down, the traffic transmitted by the port cannot wake up the device normally,
In order to facilitate use, you need to write an ARP binding script
#ARP binding IP address
arp -s 04:D4:4N:4D:8F:CF

Then add the



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