You know the cartoon version of Xiaoyueyue!

informal essay five thousand four hundred and eighty-two 13 years ago (2010-10-15)

Introduction: Xiao Yueyue is the main character in the post of Rongrong, a netizen in a community. It tells about Xiao Yueyue and her so-called "boyfriend", Xiao W, who came to Shanghai to play, and Rongrong served as the host of Shanghai. However, in two days and one night, she had a very complicated and painful experience. It turned out that Xiaoyueyue was the legendary best girl. So far, she is regarded as the best woman. It was quickly worshipped by netizens.

Editor's Note: Netizens commented: "I escaped the storm of Sister Feng, but I couldn't bear the coming of the god of moon. Compared with the leader, those elder brothers, sisters and younger brothers are all floating clouds. I don't know your opinion? Write it down and share it with the author!