How to convert Youku kux files to mp4

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Recently, due to the need to download a video Youku prompted that you need to download the PC client, so after downloading and installing the Youku PC client, it was found that the downloaded video extension was. kux, and this format can only be played on the Youku client. In order to send it to WeChat or other players for playing, you need to convert the kux video to the mainstream general mp4 video format.

 Method of converting kux to mp4.jpg

How to convert Youku kux files to mp4

1. First find the root directory of Youku installation path (X is the drive letter where you installed Youku): X: Program Files (x86) YouKu YoukuClient\

2. Find and open the nplayer folder in the root directory of Youku, create a text document named mp4, and change the extension of. txt to. bat. If the file does not display the extension, you can click the method of displaying the extension.

3. Right click to edit the mp4.bat file, enter the following code and save it (Note: change the drive letter X where Youku is located in the code to the actual drive letter):

 @echo off setlocal enabledelayedexpansion set ffmpeg="X:\Program Files (x86)\YouKu\YoukuClient\nplayer\ffmpeg.exe" if exist %ffmpeg% ( for /r .  %%i in (*.kux) do ( %ffmpeg% -y -i "%%i" -c:a copy -c:v copy -threads 2 "%%~dpni.mp4" ) ) else echo pause

4. Copy or cut the video in kux format downloaded from Youku client to the nplayer folder, that is, the folder where mp4.bat is located.

5. Double click the mp4.bat file. When the last line of the pop-up window displays "Please press any key to continue...", the window can be closed. At this time, you will see that an mp4 file with the same name as the kux video has been generated in the nplayer folder.