Real Estate in China

informal essay four thousand five hundred and forty-three 13 years ago (2011-03-23)

Once upon a time, there was a landlord who had lots of land and found many long-term workers. The landlord built a group of unity buildings for the long-term workers to live in. One day, the adviser of the landlord said to the landlord, "Master, the long-term workers have some money in recent years. They live in your house and rent it every month. It's not cost-effective. Instead, they will live forever. You can just sell your house to them and call it public house sale!"! Tell them that the house will belong to them forever and they can collect the money they have saved in recent years. The landlord said, "Yes, what about the rent?"? The adviser said, "You can collect it as you like. It's called property fee in Japan!"! The landlords soon implemented it and made a lot of money. The seniors are so happy!

After a few years, the landlord's village has developed into a town. More and more rich people have no place to live. The counselor said to the landlord, "Master, the senior workers have got rich again in recent years. Let's build new houses for them and make a name for it. It's called the old city reconstruction. They will give us the money they have. We will tear down the houses and build new ones, and ask them to buy them back. We can build more and sell them to others.", The landlords implemented it again. This time, some of the long-term workers were unhappy, and the landlords' servants were assigned to use it. The long-term workers had to swallow their teeth, and the landlords made a lot of money again.

A few years later, the landlord's village has developed into a big city. There are more rich people and the landlord's land is more valuable. The counselor said to the landlord, "Master, let's tear down the houses of these long-term workers, build villas here, and sell the demolished land to those rich people. What can we do if they don't do it?"? The counselor said, "Let's give them more money. Let's call it monetization resettlement. Let's build a house near our pig pen. Let's call it affordable housing. Let's build a carriage way for them to buy a house there. The landlord said," What if they don't have enough money? "? The counselor said: I lent it to them from our bank, and the profit was 6 cents a year. Our money can still produce money, but there is no risk. The landlord implemented it again, and the long-term workers got the money. The landlord has only built one affordable house until now. The long-term workers had to wait in line for the house. Until now, they are still waiting.

So the long-term workers began to make trouble. The landlord was a little flustered and asked the counselor what to do? The counselor said, "Hurry to inform the long-term workers that the price of the house is going down. Don't buy it. Let's rent a house. It's just time to rent our pigsty to them. As a result, after so many years, the long-term workers have lost all their money and are still renting houses forever!"!

The white-collar workers who have bought or are ready to buy a house must collapse with the collapse of house prices, which will be a slow process. It can be as short as two years, or as long as ten years. But this is an irreversible trend. So it is not alarmist to say that 99% of the white-collar workers in China's cities have faced bankruptcy! Every room money you pay to the bank today is for the government to fill holes for speculators, and only a small part is real room money. When the general environment changes tomorrow, when you don't have so much money to fill holes, you will be kicked back to your hometown by the market and the bank and replaced by a group of new people. Do you believe it? Just wait and see-- PS: Why do I say 99%? According to my understanding, 99% of people start buying houses once their monthly salary is over 5000, even 30004000. The young couple do not understand anything. If they buy like this, their life will be very miserable. I just feel sad for them. Of course, if you are the 1% wise man, please help them. Dulele is not as good as Zhonglele.