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 Get free Coding gold member and Qiniu Cloud storage 300 yuan cash coupon | Lao Zuo's notes
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Get the coding gold member and Qiniu Cloud storage 300 yuan cash coupon for free

Lao Zuo remembers that he once shared the activity of "coding account binding Tencent cloud account association to give a universal 100 yuan voucher". The day before yesterday, a netizen left a message saying that the latest invitation for testing can be used to get a month of coding gold members for free, and can also get cash from multiple platforms such as Qiniu Cloud, UCLOUD, QingCloud

 Binding the coding account to the Tencent cloud account, and presenting a universal 100 yuan voucher | Lao Zuo's notes
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The coding account is bound to Tencent's cloud account, and the general voucher of 100 yuan is presented

What happened to Tencent Cloud recently? Some time ago, as long as the user simply submitted information, he could get a thousand yuan voucher. At that time, Lao Zuo did not submit it, so there was really nothing to buy. The day before yesterday, a test account also bought a text message to remind them that they gave away more than 1000 yuan of vouchers for no reason. Later, I asked my friends that they also gave them gifts. It is estimated that they will give them randomly to the new registered account