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Get the coding gold member and Qiniu Cloud storage 300 yuan cash coupon for free

Lao Zuo remembers sharing it once before“ The coding account is bound to Tencent's cloud account, and the general voucher of 100 yuan is presented "For the activity, a netizen left a message the day before yesterday to mention the use of the latest test. If you have an invitation, you can get it for one month for free Coding Gold members can also receive cash coupons or vouchers from Qiniuyun, UCLOUD, QingCloud and other platforms. Just now, Lao Zuo can really get it after the test.

What needs to be stated is that it is not clear when this activity will end, so our users refer to the actual activity. It is estimated that the purpose of receiving gold members is not very important for most users, but the cloud service provider vouchers or Qiniu Cloud cash vouchers received after upgrading gold members are still useful, especially the validity of Qiniu Cloud cash vouchers is one year, which can be used for a period of time for items requiring Qiniu payment.

First, apply for free one month gold membership

 Apply for free one month gold membership

If we have Coding Log in directly to the. NET account. If you don't have one, register one.

Registered address: https:// /r/NVM04L

Invitation code: NVM04L

Fill in the friend invitation code, and then confirm that you can get a free golden member for one month. Of course, we can invite others to get a voucher reward of 20 yuan.

Second, get a seven cow 300 yuan cash coupon (------ End of activity------- )

Receiving address: https:// /vip-package.html

First of all, we must be gold members before we can go to this page to receive member benefits.

 Get a 300 yuan cash coupon

Here we can see vouchers and cash vouchers from UCLOUD, Qiniuyun, qingcloud and other businesses. Here I will use the Seven Cow Cloud as a demonstration, because other things are not very useful. After receiving the coupon, we see the exchange code and copy it.

 Get the coding gold member and Qiniu Cloud storage 300 yuan cash coupon for free

After receiving the voucher valid for one year in this way, if it is still in use Qiniu Cloud Storage When products need to be paid, the amount of vouchers will be deducted first.

To sum up, it is unclear how long this activity will take effect. If it is useful for users, it can still be claimed. And all shall be subject to the latest activity policies of the merchants.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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