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Several questions that newcomers must prepare when choosing cheap VPS hosts/merchants

As the cost of the hardware market decreases and the competition between host companies intensifies, we will find that the price quoted in the VPS and server market is getting lower and lower. Whether we are the webmaster used to build a website or the user who may not have any Linux technical skills, we are all ready to migrate directly from the virtual host to use VPS hosts and servers, It also includes using VPS directly to prepare and set up various environments to demonstrate capabilities.

Whether the VPS host is a little expensive or the price is amazing, as our users, especially new users, especially those who have not suffered losses and who trust businesses and VPS host is stable, we need to have some psychological preparation. Every year, we can see several businesses running away and business adjustment leading to data loss, as well as various reasons leading to the server's abnormal startup data can not be recovered.

 Several questions that newcomers must prepare when choosing cheap VPS hosts/merchants

Including a recent example, a service provider failed to deal with the problem of the service VPS host of the problematic customer in a timely manner due to a business trip. As a result, customer data was suspended in the server and could not be backed up, and could not be temporarily transferred to other servers. Of course, there are business factors, but as our users, we must anticipate these problems and be prepared. Whether it's our VPS users who are experienced or choose to use it because of the temptation of cheap, we need to have several preparations.

First, data backup

The same problem occurred a few days ago. Since the host company could not be contacted to solve the problem, the data from the end of last year to the present, from the initial stage of website installation to the present, has not been backed up, and there is no data to temporarily transfer the website. Fortunately, the merchants are not running away. If they are running away, who will lose? Therefore, data backup is particularly important. We need to selectively backup according to the amount of data in our projects, such as monthly, weekly, and even regular backup when data changes. If there is not much data, you can use manual backup. If there is much data, you can use daily regular backup or synchronous incremental backup.

This also includes our use of virtual hosts, which is equally important. Regardless of whether we use an old service provider or a new personal business, there are risks in theory, just a matter of time, so we should not take chances. Because many people may be a little used to backup at first, but later they found that the merchants were also stable, so they relaxed their vigilance later, often in this way, the risk is approaching step by step.

Second, domestic or foreign service providers

Both domestic and overseas host companies have bad reputation, and it cannot be said that domestic companies are bad, nor can it be said that the moon must be round abroad. Whether it is an individual or a service provider operated by a company, the starting point must be to hope to do better. It is only because of the unique problems that the operation cannot continue, which may lead to a series of problems such as running away, instability, and after-sales failure.

When we choose a new host company, we can choose both foreign and domestic ones. Just like many old users, especially VPS and server users, we choose to pay monthly when we meet a new company, first use or are wary. If it is stable, we will continue to use it. If it is unstable, we will change the company. Of course, we can't blindly refer to the evaluation before choosing, because the evaluation has a certain timeliness and regionality, and we can even choose to refund after testing within the conditions and policies.

Third, choose a virtual host or VPS for site establishment

Many of our novice webmaster users, even SSH, can't connect, and then learn to use VPS. Lao Zuo (laozuo. org) asked him why he didn't back up before, and he replied that he didn't know how to back up. The environment was built by someone, and he couldn't use VPS himself. For such users, the risk is relatively high when selecting and using VPS and servers. Once a problem occurs, it cannot be solved and data may be lost.

Therefore, if we build a website for users and the technology cannot complete the configuration and maintenance of the VPS environment, it is recommended to use the virtual host to build a website first, which may be more suitable for you. Even if we need to use the VPS server, we need to learn and practice in advance before using it. Because many Laozuo found that most users' websites did not reach the level of using VPS at all. They only valued cheap features, but the risk would be greater.

IV. Cheap and stable game

In the early years, our host costs were relatively high. For example, when Lao Zuo started to contact VPS hosts a few days ago, there were not many service providers who paid $15 a year. Today, there are many VPS providers who pay about $10 a year. In addition, many overseas businesses have even developed various cheap annual payment schemes, support Alipay payment and other convenient conditions based on the psychology of Chinese users.

To take a simple example, if we are businessmen, and the price is reduced to about the cost, or even seems to lose money, will we provide better service? The same is true when we choose an excessively cheap VPS. When we choose an excessively cheap machine, we should also reduce the harsh requirements, such as stability, timeliness of after-sales service, etc. In particular, when we use VPS, most of the problems need to be solved by ourselves. They are unmanaged. This is why VPS is cheaper than virtual hosts, which have higher maintenance and customer service costs.

To sum up, we can see all kinds of cheap service providers every day. Some friends even feel addicted to buying machines. They feel lost if they don't buy cheap machines, but they don't know what to do after they actually buy them. Lao Zuo has also restrained himself from buying machines for some time. Recently, he saw several businesses have tried to do something a little. He still needs to restrain himself. This disease needs long-term treatment.

When we choose VPS, especially cheap VPS, we should decide whether to use it according to actual needs. Because sometimes it is better to choose a stable and cost-effective machine than to buy multiple cheap machines.

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