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Alibaba Cloud Mail free enterprise mailbox application for opening tutorial and user-defined binding domain name

In the early days, we usually used email as a tool for exchange information, but now, in addition to the need for exchange information, more needs should be registered accounts, but the registered accounts need faster and safer receiving. At the same time, when there is a need for brand reputation, we will more consider using a custom domain name post office, even though many times we do not purchase a paid post office, Instead, you will choose to use the domain name post office function provided by the free post office.

For example, Lao Zuo currently uses free Tencent enterprise post office and domain name post office( Use QQ domain email to set your own post office for free )We have used Microsoft Hotmail free domain post office, NetEase enterprise post office and so on before. Just now, when we logged into HiChina, we saw that Alibaba Cloud Mail also provides a free enterprise post office (there is also a payment scheme). Here, Lao Zuo will experience the application process and settings of Alibaba Cloud Mail. If you need a domain name post office, you can try it. There are also mobile APP clients.

 Alibaba Cloud Mail free enterprise mailbox application for opening tutorial and user-defined binding domain name

First, AliCloud Mail application method

Application address:

Log on to the official website to see the specific functions and programs, and click "Free now". If you have a direct login to an Alibaba account, you can register if you do not have one.

 Alibaba Cloud Mail applies for binding domain names

You can enter your own domain name. If you have not registered a domain name in HiChina, you can enjoy a 20 yuan discount for new/old accounts, and the domain name registration price will be 29 yuan per account after the discount.

The resolution must be completed within 7 days after the application, or it will be deleted.

Second, set domain name resolution Alibaba Cloud Mail

After the application, the resolution must take effect within 7 days, otherwise it will be cleared.

 AliCloud Mail settings resolution takes effect

If we use HiChina DNS, we can directly click one button to add mailbox resolution. If we use other third-party DNS, we need to follow the following settings.

 Set Alibaba Cloud Mail resolution

Lao Zuo uses other DNS, so according to the above settings, the detection will take effect in a few minutes.

Third, log in to Alibaba Cloud Mail management enterprise post office

 Log in to Alibaba Cloud Mail management account

The free account has 100 accounts with a total of 500GB of content. According to the background of Ali, it should be more powerful than the ordinary paid post office.

Fourth, Alibaba Cloud Mail client management

In addition to the normal PC side WEB management, there is also the mobile phone APP side. The post office provided by IOS has been used for a long time, but I don't understand why it is slow to receive mail, and it is not synchronized. At present, it is also difficult to receive mail after using NetEase Mail Master, and it is slow to load. Try Alibaba Cloud Mail to see how it works.

Advantages: relatively fast; Disadvantages: Only single user, not compatible with other post offices. It should be upgraded later.

To sum up, Alibaba Cloud Mail is based on a strong background, and its technology and stability should be relatively guaranteed. If you need to create a domain name post office, you can try it. Maybe it is suitable for you.

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