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Lao Zuo - Some personal views on the choice of domain name suffix in website construction

This topic comes from the recent launch of DNSPOD's domain name registration service, and the free XYZ domain name can be registered with a red envelope. Because there was a flaw in the initial setting, each account can register a free XYZ domain name. At present, this problem has been solved. Only when we receive a red envelope of more than 9 yuan can we register the domain name with this suffix for free. Although Lao Zuo is not an enthusiast of domain name investment, he does not hold any domain names that he thinks have great prospects and appreciation space. I have my own opinion on the choice of domain name. If you are interested, you can discuss and share it with me.

 Domain name investment is deep

First, the best period for domain name investment

Nowadays, even if we go to register a new domain name to build a personal blog, it is difficult to choose a satisfactory one, let alone invest in a potential new domain name. Therefore, if our new webmaster hopes to register a new domain name with value appreciation space, the opportunity is relatively small, unless we can expand the website together and then increase the value of the whole package. In normal channels, if we want to hold a potential domain name, we can only get it through the domain name transaction process, or through rush registration and competitive bidding, so that we can also find out through opportunities.

Second, for special Domain name suffix selection view

Many friends will mention that there is almost no room to choose from conventional domain name suffixes. This year, we have seen the emergence of many domain name suffixes, and when each suffix appears, we will concoct various words with great potential, and then let our users choose. The general rule is that we can guarantee how valuable a domain name is through various media soft articles, then reserve some special short and meaningful word prefixes at a high price, and then let the public register together through public purchase registration, and then register at a low price for the first year through various channels of agents, or even just 1 yuan or a few yuan, The renewal price in the second year may be very high. If you do not renew, the investment money in the first year may be lost. In the same way, the government will release the more valuable domain names that were originally reserved, and raise their value for sale.

Through such a series of methods, all kinds of domain name suffixes seem to be very valuable, and few of them have the potential to be used in projects. Even most COM domain names are not used in projects, but continue to hype to see who is the last enemy. Of course, the value of normal suffixes of international domain names cannot be ignored, but the value of many strange TLDS domain names has not been seen at least at present. Maybe there will be some in a few years, but there will be more suffixes in a few years.

Third, how to select domain names with special suffixes

Yesterday, there seemed to be one The appearance of the TOP domain name suffix will be considered valuable through various channels of packaging. This suffix was fabricated by Chinese businesses. Mr. Tang told me that he searched a large number of acceptable prefixes, which were basically reserved. Because the merchant is Chinese, he understands our choice thinking better. Basically, the valuable domain names, such as double spelling and numbers, are reserved, and then they will be more valuable after being sold publicly.

For special suffixes, if you are interested, I think they have some value, but you should pay attention to the quantity and cost. Don't think that the first year is cheap and then you will register in a big way. Domain name investment needs to be calm. If it is really valuable, it will not be in the short term, but it needs to be held for a long time. Some suffixes are cheap in the first year, and then the renewal cost is high. If the players without strength really cannot afford to renew, they can only let them expire. If you see the appreciation after several years, you will regret it.

Fourth, the choice of personal blog/website domain name

At present, many friends see that, the domain name of Laozuo's blog, is not my original registration. Blogs and domain names are transferred from friends. As a personal blog, it is still possible to choose ORG domain names, such as ORG ME as a personal blog is more feasible, of course, the best definitely is COM domain name. If there is no personal blog Under the premise of COM selection, in view of the principle of word of mouth and easy to remember, it is still possible to choose the regular suffix of personal word of mouth.

Similarly, we also need to consider the cost, many friends register The ME domain name is used as a blog, but it is generally renewed in the next year ORG,. COM and. NET are more expensive, so you can choose according to your own economic cost. In short, the choice of personal blog/website domain name is easy to remember, word of mouth, and the suffix is not very important, because there is no purpose of commercial packaging.

In a word, there have been many suggestions on the choice of domain names for commercial websites on the Internet, and I will try my best COM based, for domain name investment users, less and better than a large number of random registration has a more successful rate. The choice of special suffixes, especially the recent large number, unless it is particularly meaningful, for individual users, if you buy it, you will be cannon fodder.

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