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BWHVPS limited annual payment, switchable 18 machine rooms, 2.5G bandwidth, VPS annual payment of $99

about BWHVPS host Many of our friends are not strangers. From the beginning of low price annual VPS, they abandoned OPENVZ low price configuration one after another, and then transformed to the VPS in Los Angeles, USA, which optimized the CN2 GIA line, and later also added 1G bandwidth to the Hong Kong computer room Large bandwidth VPS As time goes by, BWH VPS host vendors now have up to 18 data centers, and the VPS host scheme to be introduced today is still cost-effective.

This legendary limited plan of The Plan reappears today, with 18 data center computer rooms available for annual payment of $99 (quarter of $25). What's different is that after our selection, the computer room can also be switched at any time in the background.

We can see that there are optimized lines including DC9 and DC6 in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Of course, the bandwidth of different computer rooms is slightly different. Most machine rooms have 2.5G bandwidth, and a few have 1G bandwidth.

programme core Memory Hard disk flow bandwidth computer room Price purchase
THE PLAN 2 cores 2GB 40GB 1TB 2.5G eighteen $99.99/year purchase

Stacked discount code: BWHCCNCXVV

Stacking discount codes can save 6.78%. That's about 92 dollars a year.

If the IP address of the server we purchased is unavailable, we need to feed back the work order in time to replace it. If it is easy to use at first, it is not supported to change the IP or the computer room if the IP is blocked due to self use later.

Here is an inventory of the number of machine rooms that can be replaced in this THE PLAN solution.

 Osaka, Japan: 2.5 Gbps Hong Kong: 2.5 Gbps Amsterdam, Netherlands, EUNL_3: 1 Gbps Amsterdam, Netherlands, EUNL_9: 2.5 Gbps New Jersey, USA: 1 Gbps New York, USA: 2.5 Gbps Los Angeles, USA, USCA_2/AO: 1 Gbps Los Angeles, USA, USCA_3/CN2 GT: 1 Gbps Los Angeles, USA, USCA_4/MCOM: 1 Gbps Los Angeles, USA, USCA_6/CN2GIA-E: 2.5 Gbps Los Angeles, USA, USCA_8/ZNET: 1 Gbps Los Angeles, USA, USCA_9/CN2GIA: 1 Gbps Vancouver, Canada, CABC_1: 2.5 Gbps Vancouver, Canada, CABC_6/CN2GIA: 2.5 Gbps Fremont/HE: 2.5 Gbps Fremont/FMT8: 2.5 Gbps Dubai, UAE: 2.5 Gbps Sydney, Australia: 2.5 Gbps

Here we can see the corresponding ports of each switchable computer room. In the background panel, we can migrate the computer room by ourselves, and keep the data unchanged.

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