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LisaHost New Singapore ISP Home VPS Host Singapore Native IP

LisaHost, a service provider that has recently sprung up, is different from other service providers in that its main target market is the cloud server based on the native IP address of homes. At present, there are several data centers and lines in the United States. Today, there are new ones Singapore ISP Home VPS Host, and also Singapore native IP , BGP line, NVMe hard disk.

We should know that the features of the native IP server host support most streaming media, video and game short video services.

First, Singapore ISP Scheme

The Singapore ISP VPS host uses the Singapore BGP line. The network is optimized in non mainland China. The direct connection speed of Unicom and some regions is good.

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core Memory Hard disk Bandwidth/monthly traffic Monthly payment choice
1 core 1G 10G 500Mbps/4T 48 yuan link
1 core 1G 20G 1000Mbps/6T 68 yuan link
2 cores 2G 40G 1000Mbps/10T 88 yuan link
4-core 4G 80G 200Mbps/20T 188 yuan link
2 cores 2G 40G 200Mbps/unlimited 398 yuan link
4-core 4G 80G 500Mbps/unlimited 598 yuan link

Second, special annual payment VPS

There are also several VPS hosts with special annual ISP scheme.

10% discount code: TS-CBP205DQJE

programme Memory Hard disk flow bandwidth Price choice
AS9929 512M 8G 200G 5M 199 yuan/year link
AS4837 1G 10G 400G 100M 299 yuan/year link
AS9929 Jiakuan 1G 10G 400G 10M 499 yuan/year link
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