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Advantages of Amazon Cloud Free Cloud Service Account and Application for Registration

In the previous article, Lao Zuo has compared Amazon cloud service providers with several mainstream cloud service providers at home and abroad to provide free trial experience for new customers. Comparatively speaking, the free experience qualification provided by Amazon Cloud is quite impressive, no matter the number of free experience products is up to 100+, and the length of time provided is also relatively long. Of course, they also have some shortcomings. For example, the efficiency and speed of our domestic business may not be very fast. If it is helpful for overseas business, here we also collate the advantages and precautions of Amazon Cloud free account application.

First, the advantages of Amazon Cloud free account

1. Simple application

Amazon Cloud International supports individual and company applications, unlike some service providers that only support company applications. Moreover, the requirements for individual application are not high, as long as complete personal information is provided, and multiple registrations are not repeated. You only need to provide a dual currency credit card verification and the verification fee will be refunded later. Direct online activation application does not need manual review. Of course, if we want to apply for the cloud service of Amazon Cloud China website, we need enterprise qualification, and individuals cannot apply.

2. Rich free products

There are 100+cloud products and services providing ECS, lightweight servers, databases, CDN, object storage, and application tools. In addition, the free experience period provided is relatively long, with support for one month or several months, 12 months, and even permanent free. Of course, the free and experience packages should be within the specified configuration and response range. If they exceed the free resources, they should be charged separately. In this way, we can fully experience whether the product is beneficial to the project before choosing whether to continue using it.

3. Flexible

We see that the cloud product billing method provided by Amazon Cloud is also relatively flexible. We can choose to activate according to the needs, or close or delete it after it is no longer needed, and the latter will not be charged. Billing based on usage can indeed realize elastic demand and save costs. Of course, if we use it during the free experience period, we don't need to pay extra, and if we don't need to use it later, we should remember to delete and stop the service, so that we won't continue to deduct fees and generate additional fees.

II. Precautions for free account application

1. Repeated registration is strictly prohibited

A user can only register one account. If you register multiple accounts and are subject to association detection, all accounts may be blocked and can never be registered.

2. Pay attention to experience quota

The so-called experience quota refers to the cloud service products we choose to experience. If we really want to experience free accounts, the services and products opened should be within the free quota, including configuration and quota qualification. If it exceeds the limit, it will be charged extra.

3. Maturity

If our experience account is one year old or expired, your cloud product needs to be renewed or deleted in a timely manner, which will not be charged.

Of course, the purpose of Amazon Cloud to provide free experience qualification is to hope that after we experience the stability of products and services, they can be suitable for long-term use of our business.

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