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Resolve the problem of "ssl_error_rx_record_too_long" when opening a website

If we encounter ssl when visiting some websites with a browser_ error_ rx_ record_ too_ The long error may be caused by incorrect SSL/TLS configuration. This error usually indicates that an error occurred when the SSL/TLS connection was established between the browser and the server.

Here are some possible solutions:

1. Access the website using https://

Make sure you are using the https protocol instead of http to access the website. If you have used https, please try to clear the browser cache and cookies and reload the page.

2. Check system time and date

If your system time and date are incorrect, SSL/TLS certificate verification may fail. Please ensure that your system time and date are set correctly.

3. Disable the management server

Sometimes, the management server may cause ssl_ error_ rx_ record_ too_ Long error. Please try to disable the management server and reload the page.

4. Check firewall settings

If the firewall is enabled on your computer, check whether the firewall settings allow SSL/TLS connections. If necessary, add rules to allow SSL/TLS connections.

5. Check domain name

Probably, if there is no problem with our SSL deployment, this problem may be caused by the blocking of illegal content in our domain name.

To sum up, this problem may be the fifth reason.

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