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Which service provider does Hong Kong Windows VPS choose? Windows system Hong Kong ECS can be installed

Due to business needs, we can see that most Hong Kong ECS servers are Linux systems, but some businesses need to use the Windows VPS system for remote desktop management. For example, we use it for game business, hang up software, or remote office client. Here, we usually directly install the Windows VPS host and ECS. If we use Linux to install VNC, it is not particularly friendly. Here, we need to select the ECS with Windows.

Here, we sort out a few to support Windows VPS in Hong Kong Host system vendors can choose to consider if necessary.

1. UFOVPS Hong Kong ECS

We can see that the Hong Kong cloud servers of UFOVPS merchants include the Hong Kong cloud server BGP large bandwidth. This is not an optimized line for Asian businesses in non mainland regions. The Hong Kong cloud server CN2, which is also an ordinary CN2 direct connection line, and what we want to see is the CN2 GIA high-speed optimized line. Here are two solutions, one is an ordinary enterprise hard disk, One is SSD solid state disk.


Memory core Hard disk flow bandwidth Price choice
1GB 2 cores 20GB unlimited 2M 69 yuan/month link
1GB 2 cores 30GB unlimited 2M 89 yuan/month link
2GB 2 cores 40GB unlimited 3M 129 yuan/month link
3GB 4-core 50GB unlimited 3M 229 yuan/month link

We can also use UFOVPS90% 10% off for the first month. For the selection of hard disk scheme, if we have high requirements for read-write, we recommend choosing SSD solid state disk. If we want a larger disk with less requirements for read-write, we should choose HDD disk.

2. EdgeNAT Hong Kong ECS

EdgeNAT, a domestic niche service provider, provides cloud servers and advanced defense independent servers in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Los Angeles. Among them, Korean CN2 ECS and native IP server are more attractive to us. Of course, friends with advanced anti DDoS independent servers can also choose.

 EdgeNAT Hong Kong ECS

Memory CPU SSD bandwidth Price purchase
2G 2 cores 20G 5Mbps 480 yuan/year link
8G 4-core 40G 10Mbps 1200 yuan/year link
6G 6 cores 70G 10Mbps 1040 yuan/year link
16G 8 cores 100G 10Mbps 2400 yuan/year link

Here we need to select 8GB and above solutions to have a Win system to choose from. The 2GB solution is Linux.

3. DIYVM Hong Kong ECS

This DiyVM host business is not a large individual company business in China. It should be relatively low-key in the circle. The boss's business is not dominated by hosts, which may be incidental. I have seen many people who let Lao Zuo solve the problem of building a website and saw that they used this business, including cloud servers in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States. Hong Kong ECS can choose Linux and Windows systems. Start with 5M bandwidth, 2GB memory, 50GB hard disk, and upgrade to NVMe hard disk.

CPU Memory SSD bandwidth IP Price purchase
2 cores 2GB 50G 5Mbps 1 50 yuan/month link
4-core 4GB 60G 5Mbps 1 100 yuan/month link
4-core 8GB 70G 10Mbps 4 200 yuan/month link
8 cores 16GB 80G 10Mbps 6 400 yuan/month link

Of course, there are more than these Hong Kong ECS servers that can install Windows VPS. Here are a few for you to choose from.

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