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Sugar Hosts candy host Christmas gift card can be used for full discount

SugarHosts is a British service provider that we should be familiar with. They will not have the Black Five activity, but there is Christmas promotion every year. This Christmas, merchants have released 6 gift cards for each account, which can be used for new purchase and renewal. At the same time, there are automatic triple fold activities including the virtual host.

First, gift card

SugarHosts has 6 gift cards for each account, which can be combined with other offers.

You can see that the gift card is full or reduced for different products and different amounts. How to use it?

You can choose to manually enter the gift card or automatically enter it into the account when making payment. Generally, you can use other people's cards manually.

Second, 30% discount for virtual host

At present, there are virtual hosts for computer rooms in the United States, Hong Kong and the Netherlands, and the new purchase price is as low as 30%.

Up to 30% off for new orders of virtual machines; Migration discount, which can obtain an additional year of service time at most; Gift card, down payment discount and migration discount can be used together; Free SSL certificate, sub domain name, independent IP, DDoS protection.

There are also activities for renewal. For example, there are two special Christmas renewal discount codes with a discount of 85% for virtual hosts, half a year's usage time, gift card, renewal discount code, and complimentary usage time discount can be used together.

Package disk flow Station construction original price Promotion
Shared Baby 10GB infinite 2 56.99 yuan 34.99 yuan
Shared Pro infinite infinite Unlimited 103.99 yuan 39.99 yuan
Shared Business infinite infinite Unlimited 172.99 yuan 68.99 yuan
Shared Power infinite infinite Unlimited 241.99 yuan 68.99 yuan

Third, ECS promotional activities

The maximum annual payment of L1 scheme is 60%, 25% for two years and 45% for three years. Half a year's use time will be given for every full year of ECS renewal. Gift card and free use time can be used together.

Package CPU Memory Hard disk flow original price Promotion
Cloud L1 1 core 1 GB 20 GB SSD 1 TB RMB 49 24.5 yuan
Cloud L2 1 core 2 GB 40 GB SSD 2 TB 69 yuan 34.5 yuan
Cloud L3 2 cores 4 GB 80 GB SSD 3 TB 139 yuan 97.3 yuan
Cloud L4 4-core 8 GB 160 GB SSD 4 TB 279 yuan 195.3 yuan
Cloud L5 6 cores 16 GB 320 GB SSD 5 TB 549 yuan 384.3 yuan
Cloud L6 8 cores 32 GB 640 GB SSD 6 TB 1099 yuan 769.3 yuan
Cloud L7 16 cores 64 GB 1280 GB SSD 7 TB 2209 yuan 1546.3 yuan


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