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What is the purpose of Korean native VPS? Several Korean native IP VPS rental merchants

Korean native VPS host What is it? Recently, I saw many netizens looking for Korean native VPS and independent server products. The so-called native IP is that the IP address of the server is native to the country and region, not broadcast from other regions. There is no big difference in the speed and performance of the server, but for some businesses, especially games or remote office, and even some entertainment downloads and plays, there is a need for compatibility Korean native IP Of the VPS host.

 What is the use of Korean native VPS? Several Korean native IP VPS rental merchants

First, what is a native IP address

The server with a native IP address is the IP address of the local operator assigned by the host. We can see that the IP address originally belonged to the local country and region. On the contrary, there is also a non native IP. The so-called non native IP is like the broadband installed in our home, which can be migrated to other regions. This IP address belongs to the original region, but the actual server belongs to our region.

Second, the difference between native IP and non native IP

For example, the Korean native VPS mentioned here makes no difference in terms of speed. As long as our server and network are the same. The speed and stability of native IP and non native IP depend on the after-sales service provided by the service provider, the stability of the host, and whether it is a native IP.

The speed and stability are not determined by the nature of IP, but why should we choose native IP? The main reason is that some of our projects, such as software operation, entertainment download, or game use, must use native IP to be recognized. Some foreign trade businesses need to use native IP, for example, streaming video businesses also need to use native IP.

Third, Korean native VPS merchants recommend

If necessary Korean native VPS host Yes, is there anything recommended by the merchants?



Provided by EdgeNat merchants Korean native IP VPS host scheme adopts KVM virtual architecture, and the configuration adopts E5v4+DDR4. All SSD solid state disks have one IP address by default, and bandwidth is limited and traffic is not limited.

Memory core Hard disk bandwidth Price choice
1G 1 core 20G 2M 80 yuan/month link
2G 2 cores 20G 2M 96 yuan/month link
4G 4-core 50G 3M 176 yuan/month link
8G 4-core 100G 4M 256 yuan/month link

For example, if some of our friends need to play Korean games, they need to use native IP addresses.


 Kdatacenter offers a 10% discount code for Korean native IP independent servers/VPS hosts

Kdatacenter The vendor has been a Korean host for nearly ten years. Lao Zuo remembered that he had personally selected their Korean VPS host last year. The IP address is a native Korean address. However, their prices are not cheap, and there are few discounts. For Korean VPS hosting companies, we expect to see few businesses, especially local ones.

core Memory Hard disk bandwidth flow IP Price choice
1 core 1G 100G 1G 0.5TB/month one $19/month choice
2 cores 2G 100G 1G 0.5TB/month one $49/month choice
4-core 4G 100G 1G 0.5TB/month one $69/month choice

Here are two Korean native IP VPS hosts. If you need one, you can refer to it.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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