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Which is better for foreign trade enterprises to register by email? Recommended by 5 foreign trade domain name email merchants

In recent years, foreign trade business has been the mainstream marketing channel for many enterprises. When communicating with customers overseas, most of the communication tools we use rely on mailboxes. This is different from WeChat or telephone in China. When choosing the foreign trade enterprise mailbox, we should still prefer the enterprise post office to highlight the professionalism of the enterprise. Which is better for overseas enterprise post offices? Here we recommend overseas service providers.

The stability and delivery rate of overseas service providers selected by foreign trade enterprise websites or foreign trade business enterprise post offices are higher. Here Laozuo recommends sorting out 5 foreign trade domain name email businesses. If foreign trade needs to choose, choose according to the businesses you are familiar with.

1、 BlueHost Enterprise Post Office

BLUEHOST merchants are familiar with foreign trade host providers. For example, there are many choices of virtual hosts. Their family also provides a corporate post office, with a single account of 2.90 yuan/account/month. By default, they can choose to pay 360 yuan per year for 5 accounts, which is relatively cheap. It is much cheaper than our domestic Alibaba Cloud enterprise post office.

 BlueHost Enterprise Post Office

Compared with the free post office, we can give your business a more professional image through the company brand domain name suffix of the corporate post office (for example )。 In addition, we also benefit from our advanced email technology, which gives you the minimum delay and industry uptime, scalability and reliability. Cloud post office also means no technology, hardware, software, bandwidth or labor costs. The most important thing is that you can increase your email account with the expansion of the team.

2、 Hostinger enterprise mailbox

Hostinger merchants may be familiar with host providers, including enterprise post offices. Hostinger corporate email includes Google Workspace package (the price of each email is 39.45 yuan/month) and professional email host package, with anti-virus check, support for personalized mailbox suffix, one-stop access to email and other functions. Hostinger's corporate mailbox package is available in commercial starter and advanced versions. The price of each mailbox starts from 6.89 yuan/month, and the minimum storage space is 10GB. Select the number of corporate mailboxes and subscription period.

 Hostinger enterprise mailbox

3、 GoDaddy Enterprise Post Office

Are we familiar with GoDaddy merchants? The business with the largest number of domain names in the world. Since 2012, businesses no longer focus on domain name marketing at low prices, but on virtual hosts, corporate post offices and other peripheral products. Businesses also provide enterprise post offices. It is also chosen by many people.

 GoDaddy Enterprise Post Office

4、 RAKSmart Enterprise Post Office Service

RAKSmart merchants are familiar with providing VPS, ECS, and independent servers. This month, there are also new enterprise post offices. The default number of RAKsmart corporate mailboxes is 5. It supports the increase of the number of accounts on demand (up to 200), starting at $41.4 per year. It is safe and reliable to send and receive mails overseas without any obstacles, with real-time backup, recovery mechanism, intelligent analysis and other functions. It also supports unlimited sending, online preview, scanning code login, etc., which is very convenient to operate.

 RAKSmart Enterprise Post Office Service

5、 NameCheap Enterprise Post Office

At present, the enterprise post office that Lao Zuo is using is the NC merchant's. Multiple schemes will be provided according to the number of accounts. If we want to experience it, we can also experience the free enterprise post office for 2 months.

 NameCheap Enterprise Post Office

In conclusion, if our foreign trade business needs enterprise post offices, we can choose from the above businesses.

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