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The renewal SSL certificate prompts "AttributeError: 'dict_obj' object has no" Solution

Today, Lao Zuo saw that some netizens mentioned that when the website was being migrated and the server was being relocated, he saw that the SSL certificate renewal error was reported. There is an error message "AttributeError: 'dict_obj' object has no". Here we can adopt several solutions.

1. Delete and re add SSL

We can delete the SSL certificate of the site, and then add the SSL certificate to the site again. If it is not possible to add, check whether the site has CDN acceleration. If yes, you need to remove it before installing the certificate.

2. Bind external SSL certificate

We can apply for external paid or free certificates and install them in the pagoda panel. Sometimes it is true that the free certificate automatically generated by the pagoda panel has such problems, including the problem that it will not be automatically renewed.

In this way, we can see the solution to the problem of "AttributeError: 'dict_obj' object has no".

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