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VirMach Spring Promotion 2022 presales Japanese AMD VPS host from $8.88

We are also familiar with Virmach merchants, which provide Cheap VPS In the spring sales promotion, Laozuo saw that the merchants launched the Japanese AMD VPS for pre-sale, and the minimum annual payment was $11.11. After the discount, it only cost $8.8 a year. In addition, pay special attention to the fact that the current purchase is the U.S. colocressing machine room, which will be gradually converted to the AMD platform from September 30, 2021. Until April 30, 2022, IPv4 will change. Virmach is an American host merchant founded in 2014, mainly engaged in the sales of cheap American VPS and servers. Its biggest feature is cheap and cost-effective.

 VirMach Spring Promotion 2022 presales Japanese AMD VPS host from $8.88

First, Virmach coupon

Virmach discount code (20% discount): EARLYBIRDPREORDER2022

Second, preferential scheme

CPU Memory Hard disk flow bandwidth Price (original price)
Purchase address
1 core 384M 10G 1T/month 1G $11.11/year Click Direct
1 core 768M 20G 2T/month 1G $15.21/year Click Direct
1 core 1.5G 35G 4T/month 1G $20.57/year Click Direct
2 cores 2.5G 50G 6T/month 1G $27.31/year Click Direct

We are looking at the test IP address and file download speed of some VIRMACH merchant computer rooms.

computer room Official test IP Looking Glass Speed test file
Los Angeles, California 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
Frankfurt, Germany 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
Amsterdam, Netherlands 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
Buffalo, NY 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
Piscatevi, NJ 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
Dallas, TX 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
Phoenix, Arizona 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
Los Angeles (advanced defense) 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
Chicago, IL 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
Seattle, WA 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
Atlanta, Georgia 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
San Jose, CA 25MB - 50MB - 100MB
Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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